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1997 WIA shock absorber number


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Ok...so I spent 45 minutes today trying to get the numbers off the front shocks.  Let me tell you...I was up on top looking down and then I was underneath looking up then looking in then looking out to try to find the numbers on these front shocks but it appears the previous owner decided to beautify the working parts with a healthy application of black spray paint and oh yeah.... installed them facing inward towards the frames making it damn near impossible to read the numbers on the shocks so I can order some new ones.   Does anyone got any idea of what the numbers are for shocks on a 1997 Volvo WIA are??  Or do any of you have got a website to go to to look myself.  Getting ready for Sturgis next week and I am trying to get everything together before we leave.  Thanks in advance.


OBTW....so tickled...got my class A license yesterday and it was way easier than I expected.  I have a propensity to over think about these kinda things but now having been through it...like s___ through a goose..... I'm doing my happy dance.

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