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Dodge 2500 tow capacity

Chesters Dad

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What's the pin weight for the camper?  I figure between 2600 to 3k.  What can you haul in the bed?  Have to also figure in the hitch weight, weight of yourself/passengers, fuel, pets, anything else you carry in the cab.  It can add up fast.  I had a 3/4 ton pick-up and after I figured up what I would be at, I sold it and bought a 1 ton dually.  GVW is lots different than GVCW.


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Best I can suggest, load it up like your going camping and drive across a scale that shows what each axle weighs.  It might surprise you.


What is the trucks GVW?


Here's how I figured mine out:

Weight of truck:

My weight:

Passengers weight:

Pet's weight:

Amount of fuel times 8lbs per gallon:

Weight of extras in cab, clothes, food/drink/etc:

Weight of hitch:

Weight of any tools carried in truck:

If tires are bigger than stock (oversized), figure out how much heavier:

Add that, then subtract from GVW (on sticker by drivers door) and it will tell you how much is left for pin weight.  This is different than what truck can pull.

I have seen lots of 3/4 tons pull bigger/heavier trailers, many can do it easily.  Flat land, no problem, but I would not want to pull over-weight through hills/mountains.   In the end, it's up to you.  Heavy, can wear your truck, brakes and tires out much faster.  Not trying to sound negative, but ya gotta be safe.



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I have used the Trailer Life towing guide which provides good info for towing with different TV.  While we all have to consider that any TV that CAN pull a certain weight trailer doesnt mean that it SHOULD.  I see may 40' Toyhaulers loaded down being towed with F250/2500 trucks.  Yes the drivetrain may do a good job of pulling it but that isnt where the capacities are the most important.  Its stopping and managing that weight during incidents.  For example:  I have a 2007 GMC CC dually with a Duramax/Allison.  Its rated tow capacity for 5th wheels is 16,500#.  The same truck on todays chassis is much higher due to engineering changes.  But its still a LDT pulling a HEAVY load and I wont do it.  I use an MDT to tow trailers UNDER 20K#s

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Within the last 2 weeks we upgraded our TV.

We went from a 2010 F250 Super Duty Power Stroke SRW, with 49k on the odometer, to a 2018 Ram 3500HD DRW.

Our 2018 KZ Durango Gold 380FLF, 41' long, GVWR 14995.

The 5th was just within the specs of the truck.  The truck handled the trailer well, starting and stopping, struggled on some hills and long grades.

Our current trip from Atlantic City, NJ to Yuma, AZ was uneventful, except that I did notice some oil drips.

By the time the we got to Yuma, the drips had gotten worse, with no apparent decrease on the dip stick.  Getting under the truck, I noticed wet oil from the pan to the transmission, and definitely motor oil.

Repairing the leak, considering the worse, would mean removing the cab, removing the engine, flipping it over, r&r, reassembly.  $$$ I'm sure.

Although low mileage, 7 year old truck, pulling 15k 5th wheel - we considered another truck.

New trucks seem to have lower capacities for the same models.

We decided a new higher capacity DRW would be better.  Rams cheaper $$ than Fords, better creature comforts = better value.  Ram 3500HD DRW keeps us well within the truck's specs with our 5th.  Add to that a Cummings engine.

We haven't towed yet, since we're here to end of March, but I'm confident we'll have no problems.

We just came back from Quartzsite, AZ.  Although not big hills, etc., and not towing, there was absolutely no impact on the truck's performance that I could discern.

Rule of them has always been, match the truck to the trailer, not the other way around, and you can never have enough truck.  I, personally, would only go with a long bed.

My feelings, and hope I helped.

Safe travels.



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9 hours ago, WeBeFulltimers said:

I see a 1 ton truck for you in my crystal ball.  BTW air bags don't increase your truck's capacity but will level rig and improve ride.

Glad that I am not the only one that thinks this.  When ever I say it, people call me the weight police.  Nice to see another brother in blue.

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