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  1. I use Calyx Institute. Unlimited data. I used about 400 gigs a month. No problems. No throttling, no slowdowns. I'm very happy. I've been with others and found them not worth the effort.
  2. I have used hotspot mobile routers in the car, restaurants, etc. tried 3 different companies - resellers (MVNO) and each time the service fell way short of their advertising. I read about Calyx Institute on Escapees. $600/year or $150/3 months. Includes Modem. On Sprint/T-Mobile. I'm very happy. Service has been flawless. Email's from Catie in Customer Service has been Excellent.
  3. I've been using reseller cellular for about 2 years now through mobile hotspot devices. I've been pretty happy. The terrain is changing and prices are going up. Unlimited data - real unlimited data - runs about $99 - $140 depending on the reseller. But, more and more, the providers are throwing in throttling and deprioritizing service. I use between 350 and 400 gigs a month. Question is - what difference is there between 4g LTE, 3g and 2g speeds. Will it be noticeable? Thanks Al
  4. Yes and its not something I would like. But, I do have our dog. He's an AKC Champion, so maybe we'll find some shows wherever I end up. No choice now. Ruth passed July 27th.
  5. Yes I have. but we're not married, although together for many years. Her family is being real SOB's.
  6. I agree. I wouldn't want to stay here either. But, wife has gone into a nursing home, so I don't want to just walk away. I'll check out Elmer. I think I know the place. Don't know if its still the same, but in Cape May County cg couldn't stay open year round. Al
  7. I'm looking for a campground in South Jersey for full time living. Close to Philadelphia, but anywhere withing 50 miles Thanks.
  8. Water fill for steam locomotive engine
  9. Darryl you said immediately before the main panel. My inverter, Go Power IC-2000 with remote monitor/switch and 4 6v batteries were installed about 4 months ago. So, by main panel are you referring to just after the before the inverter or after the inverter and before the panel. There is no sub-panel on the inverter install.
  10. Thanks for all the info. I've used the plug in units for years, but since putting the inverter & batteries in I thought the EMS would be a good addition. Al
  11. I recently hada GP-IC2000 PSW inverter installed with 4 batteries. I am considering a hard wired EMS, probably a PI. However, I'm wondering if: Do I need an EMS with the inverter? Could I expect any damage from either the EMS to the inverter, or from the inverter to the ems I also use, when necessary 2 Honda Gens - EU2000i and the companion. I'm under the impression that they produce PSW. Thanks.
  12. Thanks! I spoke with EZGO and their's will fit the base. Reasonable price too. They're $12.50 on Amazon. Supposed to be Ace Hardware, but they're special order. Al
  13. I'm looking for a 11# tank foot/stand. The tank's bottom ring is 7-1/4" OD. Any ideas? Thanks, Al
  14. I would keep going up their chain of command. Did you check their website for procedures? It used to be a pretty comprehensive site. I haven't had many problems when I had their membership. The thing I really didn't like was that you could make a reservation, but not for a particular site. You showed up, and searched for a site that would meet your needs. It may or maynot be a good site. Then, they started tacking on resort fees. Why have a membership if you have to still pay more. Some of the campgrounds were so-so, and others really nice.
  15. If it came with the rig, then I would say yes, its worth the effort, otherwise no. My past experiences when I had one was okay. Some of the campgrounds are really nice, others not more than any other campground. There really isn't many of them, especially in the northeast. I would hope that the couple is helping with the transfer. I've never heard of anyone having problems with a transfer.
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