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Amazon Fire 10 Tablet


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The short Version:

The new Amazon Fire 10.1" tablet for $149 is the best value I have seen coming down the pike. It has the best of all the previous Fire Tablets and none of the drawbacks. Tablets and computers are my hobby. And I spend less on it than my friends do with Hunting and fishing, and doing cruises and ski vacations. We can do them too, just wasn't our thing. My hobby has been my tablets and computers and other electronics. So for folks looking for their first tablet and are not wanting to spend from $599.00-$1500.00 for one, The New Fire 10.1 Full HD ( 1920 x 1200 )  has it all. Here is the ZDNET review with specs and comments: http://www.zdnet.com/article/amazon-revamps-fire-hd-10-tablet-improves-specs-adds-alexa-powered-hands-free-mode-starting-at-149/?loc=newsletter_small_thumb&ftag=TREc64629f&bhid=19724681974700635514865380622813

Featuring a brilliant 10.1” 1080p Full HD display with over 2 million pixels, stereo speakers with Dolby Audio, and 32GB of internal storage with support for up to 256GB more via microSD—the all-new Fire HD 10 is designed from the ground up for entertainment

Now 30% faster with 2x the RAM and an ultra-fast quad-core processor, plus up to 10 hours of battery life so you can enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows, books, games, songs, and more

Introducing Alexa hands-free for the first time on a Fire tablet—simply ask Alexa to play or pause a video, set a timer, play a song, dim the lights, open your calendar, or show your smart home security camera—using just your voice


It has a max 256GB micro SD Card slot for the music and movies I like to have for offline entertainment. It has a camera but not much of one. In all my gadgets and tablets I have rarely used a tablet for photos. My Moto Z Play Phone has a camera that runs circles around my tablets with good tablet cameras. And for dedicated shoots I use an Olympus with a 24x Optical stabilized zoom, and 14 Mega Pixels. My phone is always with me and it has a 16 mega pixel camera in back and a 5 Mega pixel selfie camera.

So the camera specs on a tablet are only for a comparison for me, not to actually take pics with. That's the only thing that can be perceived as a weak spot for it. THe rest? For $149.00 I predict they will sell a ton of them. And yes they can be jail-broken to use the Android Play store for compatible apps but I am not a big app person, and again have a great spec Moto Z Play for apps too. I also don't want to brick it or make it hard to sell  later. I really like the Amazon ecosphere for reading and Amazon Prime and Alexa now. See we have three Alexa Echodots.

End of short version.

Long version:

Comparing the Windows 10 and Amazon Fire tablets we've had

My first tablet was a kindle reader with buttons. We still have one Kindle PaperWhite reader left if we we ever need to read outdoors. We took a sidetrack when all we had were a Kindle each, and then got a Windows Tablet for her, and two Tablets usually for me (testing the new before I sell the old.) I much prefer the 12" Surface Pro screens for ease of use and with the type cover they are, for me, much better than any laptop I have owned. We sold our last laptop last year.

I have a lot of experience with tablets having bought the Android Samsung Tab 10" and the Tab 7" in 2011. A year or so later we bought our first Windows Tablet, the first Surface RT in Jan 2013. It at the time could not do IMAP email so I sold it and got the HP x2 hybrid in that the screen detached from the keyboard. It was an 11.6" screen which has since become my standard. I do like our Venue 11 Pro 10.8" screen as well. My wife wanted one so I got her a Lenovo Lynx 11.6."

Those early Windows tablets all used the Atom Z2700 series of chipsets that were dual core and just not fast enough after six months. The first ones also had only 1200X800 or thereabouts resolution 720 p. I bought a Dell Venue 11 Pro, a 10.8" full HD screen that had all my requirements then. It had 2GB of RAM and the new Z3770 Chipset that was, and still is fast "enough" for browsing, typing with our BT keyboards, using all our Microsoft Office programs etc., and a full size USB3 port. I then got a deal on an ASUS T-200 that had it all except for full HD. it was an 11.6" hybrid with detachable screen. My wife inherited her Venue 11 Pro from me and that was fine for about six months.

I got a deal on a brand new Surface Pro 3 in 2015 with i5/4GB/128GB for $359.99 off. I found the Surface 4 type cover for half off open box at Best buy and it came with the stylus. I've used it daily and used my HDX for reading at night in bed and in the throne room.

I found some interesting Fire tablets used for $40 and the other $50. They were the 7" Fire HDX tablets, 16 GB of storage on one, and 64GB internal storage on the other. Like Apple Amazon made them higher than HD resolution but did not give them a Micro SD card slot, like the iPad. They do have instant customer service called "MayDay" with a rep in a box video in the corner of my screen within 15 seconds,  but they can only hear, not see, me. I ask how to do or fix something and they can draw arrows and operate my screen remotely so I can see hos they got there. OMG! Awesome. Then I found a deal on the 8.9" version of the Fire HDX with an Otter Box which just made it too bulky and heavy. I found the Amazon Origami $40 cover for it at Best Buy for $9.99 since that model was discontinued but is still supported with OS updates like Alexa with a button press. It sold for between $389 and $469.99 depending on storage, mine is 32GB. They were too expensive for most, and for those who are Amazon Prime members they gave us unlimited could storage for pictures, and do have them, we download movies free, and can watch them offline later like in the doc's office or other waiting situations like vehicle repairs etc.



Helluva Kindle! LOL. I did manage to download some of my movies to the 8.9" HDX via the Micro USB cable but it was only easy once I figured it out. I used the 7" for my Kindle for a year but these guys are heavy after a few minutes of reading.

In April 2017 I broke down and got the 2016 8" Fire HD (720p) which is very, very, very, light and acceptable for reading and watching movies etc. It was $69.99 with 16GB of storage, AND has a micro SD card slot for up to 200GB SD Cards! Love it!

So today they announced the all new 10" Fire tablet with full HD etc and Alexa voice activated - no button presses for $149.99. OK, I pre-ordered one and will get it when it is first available on October 11th. Here are the specs: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=176060&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2301534

Yesterday my wife told me to sell her Venue 11 Pro and it is still like new and is the only tablet with a user changeable battery!

Well, since I will now have a full HD 10 inch light weight Fire, the time has come.

I am finally doing the local Craigslist ads to sell the excess:

1ea. 7" Fire HDX 7" tablet with 16GB storage, hard  - Specs: https://www.phonearena.com/phones/Amazon-Kindle-Fire-HDX-7_id8158

1ea. 7" Fire HDX 7" tablet with 64GB storage, Origami cover and folio leather - Specs: https://www.phonearena.com/phones/Amazon-Kindle-Fire-HDX-7_id8158

1 ea. Fire 8.9" 4th Gen HDX tablet with 32GB of storage Origami cover and Otterbox: https://geekchicdaily.com/kindle-fire-hdx-8-9-review-2014-king-tablets/

I ea. Surface Pro 3 i5/4GB/128GB with neoprene sleeve, stylus: https://www.cnet.com/products/microsoft-surface-pro-3-12-core-i5-4300u-4-gb-ram-128-gb-ssd-qf200001/specs/

My points above were not to show what I have but that I sure have the experience to know when to get excited about a new version of an old friend. Amazon has a real winner here.


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I think we'll like them. No one offers faster and better customer service, or freebies. Their tablets, although more like an iPad in that they don't run Windows, are superior to Android only tablets because they link directly into Alexa and for Prime member which I've been since 2004, the free online Picture storage, and limited video and doc storage, are second to none. Let's follow up after we get them.

Safe travels and computing.

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Still like my XOOM. There, I said it... Not mainstream even when it was new but still going strong.  Not ready to give it up just for a micro SD slot.  Unlike Sheldon's comments on The Big Bang Theory, no regrets.

BTW:HDMI  port from the GET-GO,  but only supports 720P.


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I have a four year old Amazon Fire HDX 10.  It's an outstanding tablet, faster than any other tablet I've worked with, great screen, etc.  My only complaint is that it won't allow downloading apps from the Android Store.  There's a workaround using a file manager in which I have downloaded and installed Android apps, but they won't run on the Fire.  They will boot up like they're going to run, then I get a message saying they won't.

Amazon's own store is limited, but not bad.

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I got mine and it is awesome for a non windows tablet and reader in bed where I don't want a heavy big tablet. Even in sleep mode it comes awake when I say Alexa!

For the money it beats all but my windows tablets.

I will go back to a Windows phone in a heartbeat if they come out with a new one, or a Fire phone again by Amazon because I really don't like the Google terms of Service letting them use all my info and data for advertising. I also don't use any Google programs any more. Not Earth or Picasso etc. Amazon I trust to try to sell me what I want so they are not interested in passing along my data for a third party seller and Amazon already has all my infor and CC numbers.

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Yep their HDX tablets were overbuilt and terrific resolution. However I believe you have a Fire HD 10 which is 720p not 1080p as the newest Fire HD 10 is.

The HDX systems were 1200p - 1920 × 1200 (323 ppi) for the 7", and 2560X1600 (1600p) for the 8.9" Fire HDX.

They only made a 7" Fire HDX and an 8.9" Fire HDX. Here are all the HDX models now discontinued:  https://www.bing.com/search?q=fire+hdx+discontinued&FORM=SBRS01

The Fourth gen Fire HDX 8.9" is still supported with updates, and even Alexa works but only with a press and hold of the "O" home button. The 7" HDX models are no longer supported with updates despite still working with Mayday live help and worth buying cheap as I did for $50 and $60. I had to give a lot more for the 4th Generation 1600p 8.9" HDX.

The newest 10" Fire HD tablet is the first actual 1080p full HD 10" Fire tablet.

It gets really confusing:


And the 2016 model of the Fire HD8, that I bought one of in Apr 2017 is a 720p 8" is here:


For $69.99 on clearance I just wanted to play with it. It is fast, and the lightest tablet of its size yet has Alexa.

The 10" full HD 10" we just received is this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J6RPGKG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Unless one has true unlimited Internet on the road Alexa is not a make or break feature because she must be online all the time.

We always pay cash and have built up to the point where we only owe under $300 a month for utilities and Internet and the rest of our retirement after food and gas is discretionary and our investments have done well, so we each indulge our hobbies. Computers and lately tablets since 4 years ago when the first Windows tablets came out in October of 2012 available widely in 2013.

If you can only afford one tablet for just email, Browsing, and games you would love the Fire tablets. Like the Kindle readers you either love them or not. Fortunately the price of admission is what a good meal for us and a friend couple would cost, under or over $100.

If anyone is passing by Shreveport in the next six months we should be here and selling all our excess toys down to one or two each.

Free unlimited photo storage and all the benefits tied in with Prime etc. make them almost free from a savings perspective for us.


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Is yours 4th generation like mine? That is the last one and the only 8.9" HDX still supported with updates, it even has Alexa but only by pressing and holding the home "O" touch button. The last generation Fire HD 8" I bought in January also has Alexa but I have to press and hold the Home button. It is now the old 6th generation here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018SZT3BK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Now there is a new 7th generation 8"HD here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J94SWWU/ref=fs_ods_tab_ds

The only differences between my 2016 6th Gen HD8 and the newest 2017 7th Gen HD8 is a slightly bigger battery, and the newest one is $10 less starting price. Both have Alexa by pressing and holding the "Home" button.

However, my all new 10" Fire HD actually has 1900X1200 full HD and it wakes when I say Alexa so I don't have to open it or hold down the home button. So it works just like our Echo Dots. We have two Bose Soundlink minis dedicated to our personal two Echo Dots and phones. My third office Dot is so close to my computer I don't pair it up with anything, they have great speakers and really don't need external speakers.

I'm really selling it all but still trying to decide which two Fire Tablets to keep. The Windows Surface Pro 4 is staying and the 10" Fire HD. The toss up is between the 8.9" HDX and the 8"2016HD. The HDX = better picture, the HD 8" is a great but not full HD resolution but it has the micro SD card port where the HDX is limited to its own internal 32GB storage only.




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I received the QVC two 7" Fire tablets.  Really glad they were "cheap".  Amazon has severely handcuffed them.  Won't even let you download a browser.  Make you let them have access to read your email and contacts to activate Gmail.  Note says you can change later, but they lie.  7 inch screen measures 6 1/2.  Facebook presentation is erratic.  Hoped to make the second tablet a Facebook reader for my wife who is tablet illiterate but looks unlikely.  Screen keyboard primitive' both layout and function.   In the era of screens to the edge this one has 3/4" border top add bottom, and 3/8" each side.  Weighs more than my Samsung 8" S2.

Was able to download Duck-Duck-Go and enter URL's in search box for clumsy browser.  It does fit my hand well.  Looks like it should do all things Amazon well.

Maybe I'll be able to use it to learn the voice assistant and control something.

Hope the 10" version is better.

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Forty two,

The 7" are limited but for the money very good for kids as they are very resistant to breaking. Here are the current models:


Yes, for $149.99 the 10" is pretty capable and can hold its own with iPads and Samsung Android tablet for much less. It has its own app store, no Google play store as the Fire tablets use Amazon's own Android variant.

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These work great with external keyboards and mice using one full size USB to micro USB adapter cable like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Rankie-3-Pack-Female-Converter-Adapter/dp/B00YOX4JU6/ref=sr_1_4?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1511220445&sr=1-4&keywords=USB+to+MIcro+USB+adapter+cable

 It works with the built in mail apps and any browser you want. I use the Silk browser in my Fire tablet because I rarely use it for surfing. I use the default email client and I use WPS Office, a free app from the Amazon App store which has a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation app all built in and easy to use. It saves in several text and Word formats or as a PDF making it a free pdf creation app too.

We love ours, but we use them only as Kindles and portable Alexa devices. We use our Windows Surface 3 and 4 tablets at home when watching TV and our all in one Windows desktops for anything we need a keyboard for like now. Just remember these don't use the Android Play store, instead the Amazon apps store which for us is just fine. I can use the Amazon office like apps just fine with a Bluetooth or other USB connected wired or wireless keyboard like this one I did before:


What you are seeing in the photo above is a 7" tablet connected to a wireless regular windows desktop set where both the mouse and keyboard you see are connected via a Full size USB to micro USB adapter cable.

Rather than say it works because it always did with my Galaxy tab tablets years ago, as well as all my windows tablets, I just hooked up my Logitech K400 keyboard with built in touchpad to my Amazon new model Fire 10" HD tablet, with an adapter cable like above and it works perfectly for typing in the EMail and the office apps. I Use the free office suite WPS Office + PDF just fine and print wirelessly using the Brother app as my Laser printer is a Brother. 

If you want to use this tablet as your only computer for emails and documents etc. WPS office can do them and save them as a PDF or docx word file and several other .txt type formats. I can use my tablets with a stand to bring it to eye level and use it with my several Bluetooth keyboards but prefer the Windows wireless combo mice and keyboards or like the Logitech K400 I have, one with the touch pad built in and to the right so I don't set it off with my palm. Like any other Windows wireless keyboard there is no pairing you just plug in the USB receiver and use it. Yes even when not windows.

Go here to my old Photobucket page: http://s1359.photobucket.com/user/RV_Roadie/library/Tablet Stands?sort=3&page=1   and you can see the several types of tablet stands I have and can use when traveling away from my desktop. I really like the tablet and for $99.99 it can't be beaten. I am asking more then that for my 8.9" Amazon fire HDX with Otterbox and two additional cases.

Bottom line, that Fire tablet will work with any Bluetooth or wireless Windows keyboard and mouse (As long as they both use the same USB receiver) or combo keyboard and touchpad like the K400 I have.

Here is the case I bought for mine:


Perfect fit and the magnets wake and put it to sleep automatically. I prefer these types as they hold it up to type or read from in bed like me just fine. And the magnets hold it closed a bit, just enough that it should protect it fine for just $10.95. When I bought the case it was $8.99????

Great Buy folks.

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Jan did you order one?

Chirakawa these are the heat for $99!!! If you upgrade you won't regret it. I cannot tell the difference between it's picture and my 4th gen Fire HDX 8.9" It is also lighter or the same weight but lighter considering the screen is 10" These are also more durable than the Apple iPads from drop/tumble testing both.

These guys with the program I mentioned for office like apps can work just fine off line. If you have a fire subscription or Netflix you can download movies to watch offline too.

I know RVrs don't have near enough bandwidth to use Alexa and Prime on the road, But for those with a home or true unlimited fast cable Internet the tablet, for 99 bucks, gives you a full HD tablet, with micro SD storage up to an additional 200GB, and all the same hands free Alexa functions as the Amazon Echodots of which we have three. I also have a wireless smart home hub with controlled outlets and other device capability like smart lights and thermostats.

Jan, Jack was asking about an HDMI input. All my Windows tablets and my wife's All in one Lenovo touch screen desktop have HDMI outs. But not HDMI ins like you have on a TV to connect a Blu-Ray disk player up to the tablet for an example. My Dell 2720 has two HDMI ports one for out to another screen or recording device, and an HDMI in where I connect my Amazon Fire full size device. We have the last version 4k capable Fire TVs and one is hooked up to my HDMI in on the 2720 I am on now. Since I have Netflix apps and Sling TV apps on here too I am going to sell it and instead hookup a Blue-ray player up to this all in one. I can hook it up to both output and input HDMIs, as I also have a portable burner I will need to test first however.

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A while ago I asked about my Nexus tablet not charging and essentially decided to get a new tablet but would wait until Black Friday since it was not a high use item. Amazon came thru. Fire 10 $99, if wanted, 6 month financing. I was really looking at the 8 but the 10 has a C usb which it the way of the future. We already have one phone that is a C, next phone in a couple years will be a C so might as well go with the flow. The 10 was only $20 more than the 8(32G). Easy decision.

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Yep, they are the least expensive full HD tablet and most durable. I got the show stand for mine. I sold all but Lynn's Fire 8, and my Fire 10 and Fire HDX. I am buying a new Surface Pro 7 as I sold the Venue 11 Pro, and my Surface Pro 3 With the big docking station, Two cases, type cover, and the 7"HDXs. Since I have 3/4ths of what I need from sales of my old stuff, I'm going i7/16GB/256GB SSD with cover. Once it's set up I'll sell my Surface Pro 4 which is an i7/8GB/256GB SSD, and has cases and type cover too, as well as three new power supplies that won't work on my seven. Then, if Black Friday shows me some opportunity, I'm replacing my back up desktop tower with i5/12GB/1TB hybrid HDSSD. It has a 27" quad HD monitor and hot swappable internal drive Bay with a 1TB hard drive in it. I am downsizing as we sold half our stuff and only kepth what we wanted. Now we need to get rid of half or more of it until we get my little 20X24 shop shed built. I'm getting one of the Home Depot or Lowes built onsite sheds from the deals for black Friday. Best bang for the buck.

Love living here. Cold and snow one day, 60° the next and rarely do I need more than long sleeves and a light jacket. Lost a lot of weight already as my SH has too. Colorado is just plain healthy feeling albeit with their own water and air issues.

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