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Minimum clothing to pack


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The guy that wrote that article sure needs to go to WalMart or JC Penney.  He is paying way too much for clothes.  $75 for a pair of tee shirts is ridiculous.  And $32 for a pair of underwear is highway robbery.

Mike and Retha Hopkins

2014 Fleetwood Discovery 40G

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I absolutely HATE to go shopping so the first wife picks and buys most of my clothes. That being said, Walmart and Sams and NOT big fancy expensive shopping mall stores pretty much keeps me covered lol and at my age and stage in life unlike many people, I DONT HAVE TO IMPRESS ANYONE and could care less if I'm in style or what they think of me WOW IT BRINGS SUCH JOY AND FREEDOM not to be enslaved by Madison Avenue and the fashion industry.............I'm NOT saying I don't own some good quality merchandise, ONLY I'm "frugal'

John T

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16 hours ago, Dutch_12078 said:

If the author stuck to clothing optional campgrounds, he could get away with even fewer clothes! :D

They don't make enough sunblock to save my half-Irish hide. Sun shirts. Thin and light. I pack many of them. Just scored three Columbia brand for 19 bucks each at Menards. 

pethier, interested in toyhaulers for 13-foot car

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Read the article on minimum clothing to pack. The guy that wrote it is a very serious mountain biker and I see nothing untoward with buying the best if space is limited. We seem to have anything from REI quality on down, mainly on down The underwear noted that was quite expensive is designed for international travel when you might have only two or three pair and need to wash them out every night - and hope they are dry in two days. The T-shirts he bought are probably those used for biking.

Still using some 5.11 pants that I have been using for eight years and they are beginning to wear out.

Reed and Elaine

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7 hours ago, RV_Fan44 said:

Where do you do most of your clothing shopping?

We shop thrift stores first, then Sam's Club is next. Shorts and t-shirts also take far less space than suits and sports clothing. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
Kirk & Pam's Great RV Adventure



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My home base is in SW Floriduh. in true Salt life fashion, We don't need much besides levi's, shorts, T shirts, a light jacket , and , of course good rain gear.

Our "road clothes" cycle in and out of the 5 'er, depending on how far above the Mason-Dixon line, or west of the great divide we are contemplating traveling.

The few times we have found ourselves in freakish weather, Or, outside our intended travel route, (yes, it does happen, no matter how much stuff you pack) a quick stop at a Good Will or Am Vets will make it all better, short term.

We pack 2-4 days worth of clothes each, to cover from 30* to 98*, in 20 degree increments, plus socks and under ware for 8 days each. We try to plan laundry every 5 or 6 days. (We do the "To town, out to dinner, laundrymat boogie")

In a 25 foot 5'er, there just ain't much room for excess baggage. My military career taught me to pack light and tight, some skills are lifetime.

Fortunately, neither of us is a clothes horse/ fashionista, comfy, multi- purpose and washable is key.




If it turns $$$$$$$ dollars into smoke and noise, I'm there.

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