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Truck driver looking to set up a travel trailer.


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Hey, I am a long time truck driver who is on the road for past 15 years. I love traveling so much that I don't want to stay at my home a lot. Luckily, I don't have a wife or children. I am thinking about selling the home and set up a travel trailer to make it a permanent home. It'll help me to go to places when I am not on the job. Thing is I am a little worried about my health. Even though I don't have any major health issues other than occasional back pain, I realized that my people whose profession involves a lot of driving are vulnerable to such common health risks. This article discusses about it. I don't want to make it worse by living permanently in a place more uncomfortable. Is it safe for me to set up a TT permanent home or how can I make it safer and comfortable for me to spend my holidays without the risk of health issues.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. As a driver for decades I can tell you that most of the issues raised in the referenced article are personal lifestyle choices. The two major ones are smoking and obesity, so if you have problems with either or both, those should be addressed regardless of how or where you live. Choosing to live in a travel trailer doesn't mean you can't exercise or eat healthily, and I don't think the RV lifestyle is necessarily uncomfortable unless you make it so by your choices. I personally don't plan to give up traveling until I'm no longer physically able to safely do so, but that judgement has to be made by each individual. Good luck!


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Welcome to the Escapee forums!

.... Is it safe for me to set up a TT permanent home or how can I make it safer and comfortable for me to spend my holidays without the risk of health issues.

If you don't plan to move it at all, I suggest that you consider what is called a park model, rather than an RV. Park models are not so easily towable to you won't want that if you plan to travel with it at all. As to being safe to live in, there are thousands of people living in both RV's and park models so there should be no problem there at all. A little more specific information about what you are planning might help to get better answers. In cold areas, most RVs can be expensive to heat and in high crime areas they aren't that difficult to break into when not occupied, but RV parks have very good safety records in most areas as there are few criminals who use one.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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Thanks a lot! I don't think my life style is too bad. I exercise regularly(mostly jogging a couple of miles and a few sit ups and stretching). I have a reasonable diet with less sugar, salt or caffeine. I have seen some RVs with so little space to do anything, sleeping or sitting comfortably. May be because too much of households inside the RV. I am looking for an RV where I can sleep and watch TV comfortably with basic amenities. Actually, I plan to move it. I love going to places even when I am not on my job. I know that I can't expect too much luxury in a TT, but a basic comfortable setup will do fine for me.

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The amenities available in modern travel trailers are for the most part only limited by your wallet. Slides that open up the living space, large comfortable beds, comfortable recliner chairs, large TV's, satellite TV programming, cell based broadband Internet, complete kitchens, etc., are all readily available. Spend some time at a dealer's lot looking over the available offerings, and if there's one within a reasonable distance, check out on of the major RV shows where a wide variety of products will be on display. You may be surprised...

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