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2006 Dodge 5.9 Diesel...A few upgrades


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Well, it started out being a bit expensive and it ended up being a WHOLE BUNCH expensive......$12K ended up being just shy of $20K !!!!
I have a 2006 Dodge 2500, 4X4, 5.9 Diesel with 165,000 miles on it. Looked at new trucks and simply didn't want to spend 60 large, and I like my truck. It just needed some love.

Originally I decided to have a bunch of BD Diesel stuff installed at Auto Werks Diesel in Caldwell, NJ. They are 4 hours from me but came very highly recommended. I've read articles about them in various diesel truck magazines over the years.So I decided to take the truck down there for the following:
BD "Built" Tow/Haul Transmission
BD Torque Converter
BD Exhaust Brake
All new radiators (4)
All of that came to $12K with labor and other ancillary stuff......
But when we started to take the truck apart....the phone started to ring!
"Hi Roy, I have a bit of bad news....."

Transfer case had a hole in it and a crack....
Replaced with a Jasper Xfer case...Sure is pretty!

Oil pan had a rust spot nearly through and a big dent and a crack
Replaced with new version of OEM, thicker...Required longer bolts......Almost as pretty as the Xfer case!

"While we are in here....You should...."

Replace front and rear main seals on engine. They are weeping.
Replace Flex Plate. Crazy not to do it considering what you are spending now!
Replace Water Pump..Why not!
Replace Idler
Replace Serpentine belt
Replace front sway bar bushings and rod ends with VERY pretty BD Diesel version...
Replace rusted cross member for transmission
Adjust the valves (160K miles and never done. They were quite a bit out of spec)

So I picked the truck up and drove 5 hours to get back home.......To say that Auto Werks did a great job would be an understatement! They guys are artists!

The verdict?

FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Worth every penny! I can't believe how nice the exhaust brake is. Feel like an 18 wheeler!

The new transmission shifts velvet smooth. Hard to tell a 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th shift.....

Have no idea why, but I checked my mileage twice and I'm getting 2-3mpg better. From 17mpg to 20mpg! Could the valve adjustment be responsible?

Engine temperature is 10 degrees cooler and transmission temperature is 20 degrees cooler. Can't wait to pull the big trailer to see what happens.

Another strange thing is I'm not using anywhere near the amount of boost I used to. My Juice With Attitude is set to warn me at 30 psi. In 5 hours, never heard the alarm go off and I "got Into It" a few times....This truck simply hauls a** when the JWA is set at "Race".....

Yup, lots of $$ to spend on a 10 year old truck with 160K miles, but a new one is just shy of $65,000........Hope I get another ten years and 160K miles....That will only be $2000 a year!

Merry Christmas!


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Now you just need a set of twin CP3 pumps, a set of compound turbo's, and some custom EFI Live tuning. I had your truck, but a dually...600hp daily, 1100 torque daily driver. It was a fun truck.

Add head studs, heavier intake and exhaust springs, cam and 5" exhaust and you'll be close!


"I had your truck, but a dually"


And *now* you're driving a........... ;)



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Nice. I am a firm believer in updating vehicles over buying new.....you get what you want and can avoid some of the newer emission hassles and electronics that can and will go wrong.


Fwiw there is a shop in Great Falls Montana that specializes in installing Cummins diesels in any pickup truck.

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