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Toyhauler (Santa Dave) broken down - looking for tech info


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5:25 p.m. EDT Aug 12th

Santa Dave (Toyhauler) is broken down near Springfield, Ill on the way to Goshen, IN. He is towing his fifth wheel trailer.


Dave’s truck is an older (‘91 or ‘92?) Whitewater/Volvo/GMC with the VE 12 360 CE engine.


What is happening is the truck started out occasionally shutting down, but turning the ignition switch on/off and it would restart. Yesterday it shut down and would not restart so he had to have Coachnet pull it to a local garage.


At this point those looking at the truck believe that the problem may be a shut-down module that monitors coolant/oil pressure/etc. that lives somewhere under the dash is acting up and cutting off the injector pump. BTW, he has fuel to the pump but not out. There is a pneumatic solenoid on the pump he has pulled out but still no fuel. There are several wires going to the pump which may be part of the shut-down module but right now he has no schematic or ID as to what they are.


A short while ago he tried to restart the engine and it fired right up and is currently sitting there idling. They think they have found an old guy that knows the engine and may have a schematic and even a diagnostic tester about 2 hrs. away in Normal, IN. He is going to chance it and hopes he can make it to that shop tomorrow.


He does not have good Internet access right now so Dave is sending out this query through me to see if anyone on the HDT thread might have additional knowledge or information that could be of value in identifying the problem and/or laying hands on an electrical schematic/tech service file for his truck. I do have his full VIN number and can give it via PM or email if it is needed but the last six digits are 646013. I will relay any helpful info posted back to him. I will also post any updates to his situation.


Randy, Nancy and Oscar

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Can you post the question in the garage area over here?


There are a bunch of old farts that might have an answer.


As far as the old topic/thread that Scrap posted above, we have a fused ground on our truck as well. While swapping batteries it didn't get reattached- wire fell behind battery box and out of sight- truck would turn over but not start. Attached the wire and all was good.

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Thanks guys, your comments are helping lead me in the right direction. Coach Net sent the proper equipment to rescue me and after some brief roadside troubleshooting by the mechanic/tow truck driver it was determined a tow was necessary. He pulled me to his shop, gave me electric for the night and with advice from a friend at Volvo was ready to continue trouble shooting the following day. Next morning truck fired right up idled for 3 hours without missing a beat. I'll shorten the rest of the story by telling you I took a gamble and continued my trip, had a couple more hiccups in the next 300 miles but it got me to my destination. Your advice led me to Curtis and my symptoms are identical to his and one email message to him I think will save me many headaches. It sounds like much trail and error finally led Curtis to replace his ECM and that did take care of his problem and he has provided me with a lead to locate one.



Overland Park, KS

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