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Rubber (EPDM) Roof Coatings....looking for recommendations


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I am preparing to give my roof a coating sometime next Spring or Summer. It is not leaking.....yet, but I want to do a pre-emptive strike since it is on a 2008 39' 5th wheel. It is starting to chalk a bit and I am getting black spots. This is a project I am capable of and will be doing myself. From my research I have found the 2 leading candidates to use are:


EPDM Coatings (Liquid Roof)


http://www.epdmcoatings.com/liquid-roof.php?gclid=Cj0KEQjwztG8BRCJgseTvZLctr8BEiQAA_kBD0XAvCQGwrzDTlN7DFji8AjOEwHUlIjbHEOmnFYOaNIaAvNg8P8HAQ otherwise known as liquid roof








I figure either will be close to the same price when it is all said and done. It looks like the Dicor requires 3 coats (1 primer and 2 final coats) where the EPDM is just 1. I really like the EPDM Coatings product but figure Dicor is a big name in this market.


Just curious if anyone has any real world experience with either (hopefully both) products and could make a good recommendation.





2007 Pilgrim M378 SA4S-5



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Hello 4x4ff, I used the EPDM on my Moho and i'm very happy with the results, I did it in about 4 hours in 80 degree weather. Just wash off the the roof with soap and water let it dry. follow directions and you won't have any problems, I pulled my a/c units and all the vents so i had a bare roof (I had a leak at one of my a/c units, so i pulled everything) I used the dicor caulking to seal back together between the a/c gasket and roof like a gasket sealer,my roof was 99% black from wear, now is 100% white, remember to mask off the places you don't want rubber also if you drip on the side or any decals let it dry don't wipe it,peel it off after drying, it took the color off a stripe when i did.do all the prep work and it will look great


SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG, But here is the day after Liquid Roof was cured and reinstalled a/c's/vents, all white!!! before it was 99% black.good luck MikeHPIM4420_zps3k5gdrai.jpg?t=1469591142

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AS I type, a young college dude is on the roof of my RV applying Hengs Rubber Roof Coating. I used it before and it worked fine, but next time I may try Dicor as its my opinion they make quality products.


John T (I'm in the AC ready for a nap while the college dude is on the roof)

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post-44461-0-44641000-1469500069_thumb.jpgToday I applied the Dicor to my 3 slide roofs. A 1 gallon can with a quart of cleaner cost about $100 and inorder to use it all up, I ended with 5 coats. It was pretty easy by mostly following the instructions. I sprayed the cleaner on with a bottle sprayer, then scrubbed it in with a brush. I then used a power washer which really cleaned the roof and followed up by towel wiping the camper walls down to remove any cleaning residue. Applying the coating was easy and looked/acted like a good quality white paint. I used a 4" paint roller and taped the edge of the roof line using blue painters tape. It should last a long time and will probably do the main roof next year as time allows.


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Take a look at Liquid Roof, I've used it and it worked well. Somewhat thin so be careful, apply it like paint, several thin coats works best.


Also, if you want a thicker more robust product, check out Uniflex. A Sherwin Williams coating, lots of elasticity and tintable.


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