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Volvo with Regen


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I was asked the question at the WCR ... What happens if the "Regen" is going through its cycle and you're ready to shut down for the night? Asked this question to the Foreman at my dealership. They stated it's best to let it complete it's cycle then shut down. They also said you can be shut down during the cycle with know adverse problems to the system, it should restart the Regen sometime in the future. The Mechanics WARNING: It's not recommended to shut down because of the extreme heat being generated can damage, warp, the side fairing. The Regen extreme heat stops being exhausted out the tail pipe. He also said it's not common but it does happen.

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At my workplace the mechanics tell us to park the rig but let it run to finish the process. We just call the shop lead to let them know the reason why it was parked and left running. The driver just comes in and signs out, and a mechanic parks it once it's done.

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On my Volvo (2008, 780, D16 engine with weed burner exhaust), when the Volvo went into a regen, while I was NOT moving (say at a stop light or in traffic), huge amounts of white smoke would billow out from under the cab. The first time this happened, I thought the truck was on fire! Then, I learned to cancel the regen to keep people next to me from "stressing out."


About two months ago, I took the Volvo to a highly recommended independent shop. Their standard procedure is to run a parked regen. If smoke billows out from under the cab (like mine was doing), then they inspect the corrugated exhaust pipe for cracks. Sure enough, mine had a crack and showed evidence of leaking exhaust! I had them replace the pipe.


Since the Volvo was "blowing smoke" from the day I owned it, I thought billowing white smoke, during a regen, was normal. DAAAH! :wacko:

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Thanks Larry for getting the answer to the Regen question. I was at a truck stop resently and noticed a newer Volvo with what I thought was a warped passenger side fairing. I had the chance to talk to the driver and he confirmed the fairing was warped because he shut down before the Regen finished. He went on to say he was unaware of the heat generated by a Regen. New policy for him was to let the Regen finish before shutdown. On some of the trucker forums they also recommend letting the Regen finish before shutting down due to the extreme heat involved.

Sure is something to be aware of if you have a newer truck.

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Hi Everyone,


I hope someone can school me about the regen cycle on the newer trucks. What year of truck does the regen cycle start ? If a truck has DEF, does it also have a regen cycle ? How do you now if the truck is doing a regen cycle ? Is there some message on the dash that shows up ? Is a regen cycle based on miles driven ? I understand that these are rookie questions. And I am a rookie on this subject.


All help is welcomed,


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Even though it hasn't been scientifically proven, a cooldown is good practice to help keep from cracking the DPF core too (in all brands). I try to inhibit switch it off about 5 miles before my stopping point if I notice it in an active. But to be clear, technically regen (dosing) finished when you hit 5mph before you even got stopped. Is it the HEST light that is still on and when it goes off you shut down? Or do you have something in your diagnostic display you go by? Added active regen to your Silverleaf?

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