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HDT repair / maintenance shop in North Virginia


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I am bringing my 1998 Volvo truck dual axles out of mothballs. Installed new batteries and it started after two years of parking without visited it in storage. The truck was not in RV travel since 2011. Anyone know a good shop to bring the truck up to operation in Northern Virginia area? The following is a list I think I need to do.

  1. Engine oil change,
  2. Coolant change / Coolant change / nitrate check check,
  3. Transmission / gear oil change,
  4. Lubricate grease fitting,
  5. Front wheel bearing lubricant / check fill,
  6. Fan belt change,
  7. Air hose check / change (Fix air leak)
  8. Changes tires (front tires new at 2005, rears tires new at 2003)
  9. Engine head adjustment.
  10. Brake check / replacement,
  11. Air bag replacement,
  12. Instrument cluster light fix,
  13. Paint.
  14. Trailersaver hitch airbag change and lube.

Any other suggestion of repair and check would be appreciated. Thanks.

Volvo VNL610 M11+ 98 10 speed
Mountain Aire 40' 5th 2002
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Most of those items except for #12 (might be dealer only) & #14, you should be able to get done at any shop that services over the road trucks. Try any of the local big truck dealers and ask them to give you quotes on those items.


You may want to add fuel filter(s), air filter and cabin filter if it has one.



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Check out http://www.hhrvresource.com/

for much more info on HDT's.

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#12 is going to be a dash replacement... Unless you are 100% positive that it's just bulbs that are burned out. If you remove the dash- unplug the harnesses, lay it flat on a table with the back side up, there are 6-8 screws- small torq bit, and the back comes off. Once the cover is off you'll see the circuit "Board/ circuit matt" that the lights and other stuff plugs into. If the circuits are torn or broken then it's easier to replace than to DIY it yourself. There are several outfits on E-bay that recondition dashes for most of the major brands.

The rest of the items can be completed at any big truck shop.


Jim's Adventures

Old Spacecraft.... Who knows whats next

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Colonial Volvo in Ashland (North of Richmond) is where I take our Volvo for things I can't do. They do good work but have a hard time getting their head wrapped around the fact that it is not a commercial vehicle that runs several hundred thousand miles a year. They do not have a paint shop. Labor rate last time I was there was $112 hr.


Randy, Nancy and Oscar

"The Great White" - 2004 Volvo VNL670, D12, 10-speed, converted to single axle pulling a Keystone Cambridge 5th wheel, 40', 4 slides and about 19,000# with empty tanks.

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I've had good (although limited to two visits) experiences with Liberty Equipment in Fredericksburg, VA. I chose them because they are authorized Freightliner service.

2006 Renegade/Freightliner Coronado 43', Detroit, twin screw, 12spd

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Sorry to dig up another older thread, but I'm in the Northern Virginia area and in the market for a HDT. I need to find a shop (or shops) that can perform a proper singling (short) job on a Volvo 630 or 670. Does anyone know if any of the aforementioned establishments are familiar with the procedure, or are there any others out there someone can recommend?

Thank you!



Full-time nomadic, self-employed Xscapers!

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See if this site can help you. http://www.dmbruss.com/ or actually this page may get you closer http://www.dmbruss.com/zRedRover/RR_TruckConversion.htm

Also check out the http://www.hhrvresource.com/ if you haven't.  If buying from a dealer, see if they will do it as part of the deal.

Jim's Adventures

Old Spacecraft.... Who knows whats next

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I noticed your comments on another thread about focusing on a 630 because it would be your daily driver.  But now you are thinking about a 670, which is taller and in fact the same height as a 770/780.  As a full timer you will come to appreciate the extra storage space in the sleeper of the 770 plus the deeper sleeper (= more space).

So the 670 would restrict you to the space limitations of the 630, but you would still have the height issues (not really an issue, when you consider that most places you would go probably have commercial trucks delivering to them), so you might as well look at the 770/780s.

Rocky & Sheri Rhoades
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