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  1. Thank you all for the replies. Yes, we operate a business selling items at various events; we carry the inventory in the box truck. I tried calling Miller already, but they said they'd only help me if I also move my 5th wheel and tow vehicle policy over to them, which I do not want to do. They typically use Progressive (which is the company that is dropping us) and National General, which I already spoke with directly and they said they also would not cover us. FL-JOE, I agree, surely we can't be the only nomadic business out there. Insurance is such a hassle. But as soon as I e
  2. All, I have a very specific insurance situation I need help with. We're full-timers with a business that's legally set up in South Dakota. Our business owns a small box truck that travels with us (wife drives it, while I drive the RV). It is registered in South Dakota. Our current insurance company is dropping us because we're nomadic. They want it to be parked in the same place every night. I'm finding this is the case with everyone I call. Can anyone offer any suggestions of a carrier that would be willing to insure us? It needs to be commercial since the truck is registered t
  3. Thanks for all the input. Seems like most have mail sent via Priority Mail or FedEx. I suppose this is what I should consider doing, as the stress of wondering if my mail will show up before we leave an area is becoming too burdensome.
  4. We use the Escapees Mail Service for our personal mail. The past few months, it seems like it takes our mail an exceptionally long time to reach its destination. Our mail is usually forwarded via First Class (large envelope). By comparison, we utilize America's Mailbox in South Dakota for our business mail. Lately, no matter where we are, we always get the mail from South Dakota more quickly than our mail from Texas. I will list a few recent examples: Livingston, Texas to northern Florida -- 14 days from Escapees (first class) Box Elder, South Dakota to same location in northern Flori
  5. For what its worth, I just "chatted" with Florida Blue's support via their website. I asked, "I travel outside of the state quite frequently. Do the BlueSelect and BlueChoice plans have access to the BlueCard nationwide network?" The agent responded - "Yes, same BlueCard nationwide network for both, BlueChoice has a bigger network within Florida."
  6. While I'm glad to see the club is making an effort to help ... as a soon-to-be self-employed, full-time RVer in my 30s with a wife and child... this new offering is, well... a bit disappointing.
  7. Lowering my asking price from $14,900 to a no-haggle price of $13,000! Need to sell this unit ASAP! Thanks!
  8. Sorry, been operating on a severe lack of sleep the past week. It is in fact a 2017 model, but we purchased it in 2016. Sorry for the confusion.
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