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First Marijuana Study Approved


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OK, want to participate in a test?


"The Drug Enforcement Association (DEA) has approved the first-ever marijuana study for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The DEA approved this first-of-a-kind study to see if smoking marijuana can help veterans' and their PTSD. The Colorado Health Department is helping with the cost of the study and is paying more than $2 million in grant money. Seventy-six veterans will be involved in the first round of testing next month. The veterans will smoke different strains of marijuana to see its effects on their PTSD.

For more on PTSD and treatment options, visit this Military.com section."



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I agree. I think that the numbers of "pain med" addicted people of all ages, especially those of us who have the success and insurance, have become a danger to us all. When places like Florida stopped physicians from being able to freely prescribe them people started taking heroin obtained like any addict on the streets. The recent deaths of Michael Jackson and Prince from pain meds managed personally by high priced doctors shows that the personal danger is real as well. I use an NSAID, Naprosyn (Naproxin Sodium) as my pain med. I declined OxyContin and Lortab prescriptions most of my life. I tried them once and they were way over the top without really stopping any pain, they just made me not care and gave that addictive feeling of well being. Funny but my pain med actually works without any high. But we all know that right?


I was a teenager through the 1960s and lived in the NY city area. I have tried the old weed more than a few times and found no addiction or aftereffects. I never smoked it after enlisting at 18 in the USAF for what turned out to be a career. If I had a condition that warranted it I would take it but in liquid form. I can't stand inhaling smoke since I quit smoking tobacco. My son and his wife live in Denver and my wife just came back from visiting for our new grandson. Neither of us want to try the legal weed there because we just don't like feeling drug enhanced.


So I can't say I support it for our use. But if it helps with clinical issues that were formerly treated with the chemicals that we all see the warnings even on the TV ads "May cause sudden death, hinder your ability to fight infections especially tuberculosis, may cause some cancers . . ." WHAT!!!


I find the human capacity for self deception and reading only what agrees with their own hot buttons disappointing sometimes. As if heroin and weed and downers were not readily available at 20 times the cost on any major city street corner. It is impossible to get illegal beer from a dealer because it is legal and taxed. I don't see the Sinaloa cartel smuggling in cases of Budweiser. Soon it will be the same for Marijuana. Maybe that will be a good choice for all the folks going in harm's way and doing crime for their drugs.

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Diane and I both have a hard time sleeping, her more than me. She many nights will end up in & out of bed like many Americans do. For me it's my mind that just works too much and won't let me sleep. We do the Alieve PM or other over the counter drugs to assist and I'm happy we do not depend on prescribed drugs and I’m happy that for the most part we are basically healthy but still hate that we feel the need to even take Alieve (we should not complain compared to what others deal with).

Once we arrived in Oregon about a month ago I’m not afraid to admit that we purchased some marijuana to see what it would do for our sleeping issues (it legal here). In the evening before bed we each take one toke off a pipe and have found it to help. Diane sleeps through the night and wakes up earlier and more refreshed and I actually find myself sleeping more sound.

Again our situation is VERY minor compared to what others are dealing with but if it works it works. In Oregon you cannot buy edibles or oils unless it is prescribed by a Dr. so we are stuck with smoking it. In other states oils can be bought without a Dr. Prescription and we would certainly do the oil with less muss.

I realize this opens me up to ridicule but don’t judge unless you have actually tried it. And at this stage of my life I don’t worry much about being ridiculed LOL!!

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I wouldn't worry too much hd. I find ridicule to be the resort of the uneducated. I fell off my ladder cleaning my rig way back when and cracked a rib while we were fulltiming. We were parked at a NW SKP CoOp. Our temp neighbors were really nice and he came over after I came back from the VA medical center hurting and offered me some valium, free just being neighborly. I declined and thanked him for his concern. He said to just take some as he got them in Mexico cheap. I declined again and wondered why folks do those things. he said if I changed my mind to come over that evening because they were pulling out in the morning. After they were gone my wife gave me a bottle of hundreds of valiums unopened, a large amber glass bottle. She said he gave them to her and asked that she not give them to me until they left!!! I freaked out! Here I had a dealer's amount of controlled drugs with no prescription and no way to explain that a guy just left them for my ribs. I flushed them down a public toilet. I had no explanation for them to turn them into a hospital or pharmacy. I sure didn't want to try to explain how and from whom I got them because from his perspective, he was just, in his mind, taking care of a fellow SKP on the road. Or maybe someone gave them to him and he was trying to get rid of them too! :lol:



I don't do any narcotic drugs as I have low BP, no cholesterol issues, no diabetes, except Nexium, Naprosyn, baby aspirin, and Flexeril 5mg as needed as well as a multivitamin. My back, both lumbar and cervical need surgery but my skin condition prevents it. I have a yellow discoloration that runs right up the middle of my back. :P


Sleep issues sounds like a good use for it. My Significant Harassment has no issues with it and I still am asleep soundly within about ten seconds of my head hitting the pillow at most. She was jealous in our younger years because apparently most folks lie awake thinking or something waiting for sleep. I guess I am the odd one out. I can also catnap when needed at will. I just need to get in for the cervical and lumbar surgeries once I get rid of that yellow streak down my back. I'm 64 and still in great shape save that frame damage from 27 years in the military. Getting that surgery in my 70s won't be as easy as now. BTW when I did my dentures I had all my uppers and lowers pulled at the same time and they tried to give me OxyContin. I used some of my wife's scotch and my Naprosyn. Did just as well for me.


I've seen too many legal addicts in my in laws families and locally. They steal from each other and would do much better on weed than what they take. But that is a value judgment I should abstain from.


I have no issue with folks that do or don't. It is up to each. Too many try to force their beliefs on others going so far as to cause legislation to be enacted. You can tell them easily. They are the ones shouting the loudest about being regulated themselves. People fear what they see in their own minds as things they would do, so others must be the same, in their minds. Read my quote down below in my sig block. You'll run into those types everywhere these days. It seems it is no longer a sign of mental instability to see conspiracies everywhere. ;)

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I hope not when they are driving. I do not want to meet a stoned driver on the road.


Safe Travels!

Just watched a TV segment about MJ and driving. There is no LEO on-site test for UTI drivers who are suspected of MJ influence like there is alcohol.

Every drug has a positive use in some form and dosage, I think MJ has several.

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I like many others was against MJ, my employment demanded zero tolerance to drugs.


I would hope no one has go thru the pain that..


Elizabeth is experiencing. Auto accident destroyed her spine, left her in pain 24-7-365, finally a morphine pump was installed inside her body, tubes around to her spinal cord, pain reduced, pump refilled monthly. Unfortunately morphine gave her bucketful of other maladies.


After five years of morphine therapy more,was required to control pain. Doctor suggested she explore other types of pain relief....apparently there are different ways to use utilize MJ that doesn't give, what's called a high.


What she is enduring.



She considers it a miracle as she Finally has some functionality back.


After reading this I'm be more fearful of drunk drivers.




Sure others have similar experiences.


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I wouldn't drink and drive and certainly not stoned either. Every one of the scare ads and MAD scenarios makes it a child hit or killed. I never drove because I selfishly was more afraid of damaging my car or me! So the rest are safe if I take good care of number 1! I did my drug experiments in the 60s and never since save alcohol. While some might not consider it a relapse I won't smoke or ingest dope either.

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