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  1. First Dennis your not cheap...just enjoy a challange...especialy no one can fix...makes u feel GREAT. Great friend too. Since I’ve never had a problem with my slide I’m flying blind here. Confused about two things. One is . a post from Sunday quote .. I "THINK" I remember my friend said he unplugged both motors and tried to push it out. I will check with him.. So did ur friend have access to wiring... Second—Of course I was on the side next to the fridge, I was on a step ladder reaching over the slide with enough room for one arm to reach the motor. I WOULD ASSUME MOTORS WOULD BE ON THE BOTTOM OF SLIDE. NOT ARMS LENGTH DOWN REFRIGATOR....JUST A WILD ASS GUESS HERE. Interesting problum..Worked for a self trained master backyard mechanic, That car dealerships would send cars to when They couldn’t fix it. When I called Jake over and said how in the heck does this part come out. He looked, said someone put it in. Then said, forget about it come back tomorrow think about it, sure enough days later I saw what was wrong. Very interesting problem you have let us know the solution, for when my time comes.. GOOD LUCK DENNIS... Trucken.
  2. Check for voltage bad motor....no power jumper off good motor. See it that works.. good luck let us know what works trucken
  3. Elite 9000 awning issue. The locking dog on my lead 9000 is giving me a problem. It will not lock down and slight pressure it slips. Before I tear that thing apart. Does the locking mechanism inside the tube have a spring To hold it in position. I cannot find schematic for the lock. Or am I looking at a strip gear. Thanks Trucken.
  4. Routine check on my coach. I read the date code on tires and they are five years old. No cracking and 75% tread , so i checked my tow, they were seven years old. Rarely do i drive the speed limit, driving 5 under the limit (especially on Interstate) i noticed i have 100-200 foot braking distance. Every one’s in a hurry you know. Many times here, people recommend changing the tires on the coach after three years. So if if you recommend tire changes on your coach after three years, do YOU ALSO change tires on toad, after 3 years. Yes, i know coach is heaver, however so are the tires. Mileage on tow is 4 times more than the tires on the tow... Could not find in coach’s manual recommend tire change,every 3 years. So what is the reasoning. Trucken
  5. We didn’t have a name for our coach until that fateful day at Idaho overlook. Heard the squeal of the brakes of a large semi truck, guy came over sat next to my wife. Then looked at me and said, I’m a swinger too. COACHES brand name was a Georgia boy SWINGER. Wife looked at me and said change the name. So after bunch of grinding and new decal it was renamed Southern Star. Trucken
  6. After reading the post, i thought might be a good tool for the game preserve, since we have almost a dozen batteries. So i purchesed a ANCEL TESTER from Amazon. We tested six batteries, one that we had purchased a week ago, and all six tested replace. Over the next few days we put a charge on them, a retest showed all GOOD. Final note, a few of the batteries we tested that said REPLACE we retested with a load tester and the batteries showed good, even though ANCEL said replace. So we are returning it. TRUCKEN.
  7. Folks, If it’s free it’s abused. Greedy campground owners that invest oodles of money in a campground and don’t provide overnight parking with no services for a nominal sum. They go by big box stores and see $100k RV sitting for days. There are a few Folks here that volunteer/work as campground hosts, ask them if their parks offer overnight without hookup for $10 a night. OK I’LL ASK. If you worked/volunteered at campground, did this park offer overnight for nominal fee, if not why. Have no issues with folks that use their coach to go from point A to B an overnight in Wally world an be gone in the AM. Expensive way to travel, but you do know who sat on the pot before you. After 12 years of driving the blue roads it didn’t take many abusers stealthily arriving in parks after closing time and leaving well before birds were awake, to feel unkindly of them. Course they plug into power and water (yippee boon docking in style) saved themselves $30 BUCKS to put to payment of a 100k coach. We remember the abusers lot longer than the good folks. DRIVE THE blue roads, lots of free overnight stops, an your not sleeping between a lot of idling diesels TRUCKEN
  8. Well after thinking about in for a few days, decided it's not worth the effort to tap into the output of water heater. Coach heater is the one that seems to suck up the most propane, so think instead making a tap on h2o heater will make one on propane tank an get 100 lb tank. Owner has propane delivered once a month, they won't fill coach tank but will fill 100 lb cylinder. Can live waiting 20 min for water to heat. 100 lb cylinder should last the winter, I leave for the summer. Thanks for the suggestion. Trucken.
  9. I volunteer 3-4 days a week at private game preserve. Over the course of two years owner has provided a concrete pad W/E/S/Cable and internet. I find I have to be careful about what I say, mentioning that it takes so long to heat water for showers and dishes I show up to find installed a outside instant propane hot water heater for showers. Wild idea I had, connecting the outside water heater to drain tube to the coach water heater. Drain tube from hot water heater in coach DOES NOT COME from the pressure relief valve. So before I try this, wondering if anyone else has considered this. If connected to coach heater, should not back feed to holding tank and only hot water faucets. Any thoughts, Trucken
  10. Well had a chance to shoot the Judge and I was impressed. Range Master suggested a test panic shoot with the 410. Just point and shoot all five rounds of 410 from 30 feet. Used #4 shot, would not like to be on the receiving ent of that. Then did the same test with the 45 and only hit the target once. Aiming with 45 did much better, 4 out of five were on target impressive for a 3 inch barrel. So I will keep it sell my 9MM, as I prefer shooting my 22LR, lots cheaper and hardly shoot the 9. Helped owner of the game preserve where I Volunteer to build a 200 yard shooting range, for his family and friends. Welded up swinging target out of quarter inch plate steel for hand guns and and spinning targets for 22’s. I had a sign made up no long guns on moving target. unfortunately some of his relatives, or his friends cannot read or just don’t give a darn. Swinging targets and spinning targets blown apart by long guns. When I mow the grass i have to pick up garbage bag of trash. Can’t leave shotgun shells or clay pigeons with the skeet thrower, as they will use them up with no regrets. Sorry for the diatribe, I just finished mowing and cleaning up the range for Thanksgiving. Just sad, all the effort I put into it is abused. Trucken
  11. Trucken


    acebook This is for those of my older generation who do not really comprehend why Facebook exists. Presently, I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles. Therefore, every day I go down on the street and tell the passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before and what I will do tomorrow night. Then I give them pictures of my family, my dog and me gardening and spending time in my pool.I also listen to their conversations and I tell them I love them. And it works.I already have 3 people following me: 2 police officers and a psychiatrist.
  12. Thanks Jack..usually we get 5 to 10 k rounds when we got the chance..eight of us do a lot of plinking, and can go thru a lot in a weekend.. just won a Taurus Judge 410/45 in a raffle....haven’t used it yet just wondering if it’s worth keeping. Know or have experience about it.
  13. I know this question been asked thousand times. I spent one day searching for an answer to no avail. So here's the question. I volunteer and live at a game preserve three days a week, approximately 5 miles from the cell tower. I only have one bar on an AT&T phone, it drops calls constantly. Just need a suggestion on how to boost the signal. And what device would be the good choice. Tired of driving 2 miles up a dirt road to get a good signal. Thanks Trucken
  14. Trucken

    Sad, sad.

    Went walking today in the cemetery. I noticed a section where flags and flowers all been removed and spread about and the granite benches pushed over. I walked over and read the grave plaques. Quite a few served in the military, and few served in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam. Upon leaving I saw written on the back of one of the overturned bench that it was the Jewish cemetery section. Sad that these men serve their country and they still cannot get the respect they deserve, but trash the place just because of their beliefs. Sad that some people just look for excuses to be destructive. Nothing matters to them because when you look close, the have never done anything that matters. Trucken
  15. Well Argo... I had the same idea and it looks like a swell way to save aggravation and labor rolling up a cord.. Wouldn't work for me as I didn't have enough room for the reel so I try's a different approach. Maybe an idea for someone that a retractable reel won't work. I mounted- electric twist outlet on the bumper, and made two cords..15 and 25. Lot easier to roll up a short cord, and a longer cord for those bad times..worked so well I did the same for CATV AND WATER because I got tired of feeding water an catv thru hole in compartment. Trucken
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