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How to Defrost an RV Refrigerator in 20 Minutes

Chris Smith

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If anybody hates defrosting their fridge/freezer as much as I do, I just ran across this great article with a trick for getting it done in 20 minutes.


All you need is a hair dryer, cooler bag, and a chamois towel. Has anyone tried something like this? Can't wait to test it out!



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We just used a pump-spray bottle filled with hot tap water, faster and safer than a hair dryer as there is no chance of overheating the plastic bits. Fast enough you don't really need a cooler bag, just pile it on the counter and toss a towel over it.

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I don't own a hairdryer, so we've always filled a tub up with the hottest water that comes out of the tap, put it in the freezer and close the door. It doesn't take very long for the ice to start melting and become loose enough that I can scrape off what remains on the sides with a PLASTIC spatula.

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I have defrosted our Dometic or Norcold fridges for years w/o concern about overheating with hair dryer, or needing hot water spray. Also since we dry camp a lot, no need for shore power or running the generator for the hair dryer.


We carry a 12V Fantastic Endless Breeze fan for those days or nights we need a cooling breeze.


To defrost I take the stuff from the freezer, put it in the fridge compartment, and hold the fan in the front of the freezer compartment. The air from the fan quickly melts the ice and it seldom takes more than 15-20 minutes to melt all the ice. Simple, quick and easy.

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We also used a pot of hot water and hair dryer to remove the ice in our absorption fridge. Now we have a Samsung residential unit with auto defrost. No worries!

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I've always used the hot water method: put the water in, close the door, go do something else while the water does it's thing. :)


It is important to have the chamois to catch melt water, though.


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Never want to have to defrost your reefer again? ;)


Dometic/Norcold reefer fans. Improves cooling and never have to chisel frost again. HIGHLY recommend!

Far and away THE BEST method for a frost-free fridge.

And as Yarome said..."improves cooling"

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