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Class A MH steering problems


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I'm looking on info to correct steering issues on a Class A 40' MH, especially in windy or rutted road conditions. My DW plans on helping with the driving and it can get a little stressful when the coach wants to wander.

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I had the same concerns as well with DW driving and had a safe-t-steer installed. Hardly notice passing trucks and really impressed in high winds we hit going through Canada early last spring. Per manufacturer, helps protect against front tire blow out, but I do not ever want to test that. Works well for us. Safe travels


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1. Get your rig weighed on all 4 corners. Then set your psi based on your tire manufacturer charts. This was the first thing that Henderson Lineup in Orgon did to ours. We were way high psi on front and to low on back. Huge difference

2 We added a steering stabilzer bar

Both helped a lot but the biggest bang for our buck was all new shocks. Which ones is a huge topic of discussion and only you can chose. However we went with the regular Bilstien manufactured for our year of Monaco. ( there is a fancy version out there but we didn't go that way, Konis are highly regarded but were too pricey for our budget)

4 we may consider adding the one way valves that affect air but for now it drives perfect.

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As stated earlier get your four corner weights first and set the tire pressure according to the manufactures tables.

Second is get an alignment. My recommendation is to get an alignment before adding any kind of steering stabilizers.

Then if you still have issues you can add a stabilizer.

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Remember, the load/inflation charts show the absolute minimum air pressure to safely support the corresponding load, not the optimum pressure.

Goodyear states to never run less than the vehicle manufacturers stated air pressure, as listed on the tire placard in the vehicle, as the difference in ride quality is insignificant from the load/inflation charts.

The RMA= Rubber Manufacturers Association states the same information on page 51.


However, never use inflation pressure lower than
specified by the vehicle tire placard, certification
label or owner’s manual. Nor should inflation
pressure exceed the maximum pressure molded on
the tire sidewall."


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This is our first year with a MH(F53 chassis), previously a 5th. We have had it aligned, 4 corner weigh and adjusted tire pressure, Safe Steer added. We still get blown around from the trucks. They do push a lot of air out of the way so we have accepted it but can anything really be done to make driving more stable? I read about adding(enhancing?) rear trac bar, front trac bar, replacing bushings etc. It is all very confusing. We would do something if we knew it would work but it seems everyone claims something different. Is there a real solution or is it something we need to live with.


I have also read that the place to go to is Henerson in Oregon, are there other places, that is cross country for us.


We would really like to have a more stable ride but if we can't, we can't.

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We have an F53 chassis under our 36 Foot MH . I wouldn't think there would be a lot of difference in 4 feet .


There are two positions on both front and rear sway bar ends . Ford ships all RV chassis with the ties fastened in the farterest out positions . Gives a cushier ride .

I reset the ties to the inner positions of the sway bar ends , front and rear . Gives a stiffer ride and handles the side winds much better . With the original settings , I felt every truck that pasted , coming or going . Now , I still feel that , but about 10% of what was .


That adjustment , along with the installation of the Saf-T-Plus , turned "Driving [went from] two handed white knuckle to one hand , just this side of relaxed ."

Goes around , comes around .

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