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Going RVing w/baby


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Anyone ever taken a 5 month old RVing? First time for us...going for just a few days, but I really have to pack up the whole house for my little guy.... He's never slept in a pack n play, but will in the RV, so I'm concerned, because he's a pretty good sleeper in his crib. Do you think 4 nights in a different bed, or sleeping with us, in case he's uncomfortable, will change his habits when we get home? Just curious if I'm worried over nothing.

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I highly doubt that a few nights will change much but it may disrupt his sleep pattern temporarily due to lack of familiarity. A lot depends upon the temperament of your baby. We have 3 sons and no two were quite the same in reactions to travel. About the only way to know is to try it. You may want to try having the baby sleep in the travel bed a few times while home, to get him used to it before you take your trip. With most babies, a feeling of security is key and some adapt more quickly than others. When on the road try and keep the sleep area as familiar as possible.


Most babies are really quite flexible and take much of their attitudes of things from their parents. If you both give the same feelings and reactions as at home and if you are both relaxed and at ease with the sleeping arrangements, the baby most likely will be also. Most babies take their key from the parents.

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We did a trip with a grand daughter, my son and daughter in law when she was 5 months old. She slept in the pack and play. Our trailers living quarters area is pretty small so the pack and play was set up on the table sleeping area which in the down position is a small double bed. We gave mommy and daddy the bed over the gooseneck which put them looking down on her from above and we slept in our semi sleeper. She did really good and had no trouble adjusting to the different surroudings. Our youngest son was traveling with us at month old and never had any issues although that was not in an RV and they didn't have pack n plays back then.


We cannot recommend you having the baby sleep with you. In our day it was not a problem but today it is not recommended due to safety reasons for the baby.

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I don't think 40 some years make much of a difference other than I would think it would easier today. We just laid a one or two chairs on there side to prevent rolling away, padding for a mattress. They slept better than us. Oh yes that was the days of the Diaper Pail.


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Take a deep breath and have fun. Let him sleep in the pack and play at home a few nights


All of our grands except 2 were tent camping before they were 6months old. One was out at 3 weeks!! They all came to our house as infants and slept in the P&P with no issues.

You relax the baby relax

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We did it once and gave it up! LOL Not that the baby didn't adjust, but by the time we packed the playpen, the diapers, all the baby stuff then tried to deal with it when we are outside, then inside the trailer, then tried to find room for it...we decided it was just way too.... much work. It was not a vacation but a workation!

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Yes, we took our baby/babies RVing with us frequently when we had our pop-up and then later with our travel trailer.


We started by placing a pack-n-play bassinet insert on the floor just next to our bed (not the PnP itself, just the insert). Once baby became too big for that, we transitioned into the PnP itself. Once baby was too big for the PnP (toddler), we folded down the dinette and placed toddler bed rails on the side to prevent falling out of bed. (Like these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00ZTO4MPG/ref=mp_s_a_1_11_a_it?qid=1457324125&sr=8-11&keywords=mesh+toddler+bed+rail )


Yes, my babies' sleep patterns were disrupted. I always knew not to expect a lot of sleep. But we managed, and it wasn't so terrible.

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Let the baby adjust to the pack n play at home first. We camped one weekend where there was a little one who did not sleep - sick? not adjusted?., do not know, but that baby kept many other campers awake, especially the other mom's/grandma's who do not sleep thru a baby crying. I'm sure the parents had a horrible weekend, as did we.

Pat DeJong

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We tent camped one weekend with a family who had a baby that normally slept well. The baby crawled all over them in their sleeping bags all night so no adults in their tent slept, either. Do try the pack n play at home first in the same room as your or the parents so you'll know if the baby will sleep in an unfamiliar environment.


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