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Am I being unreasonable


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I have a bent arm in my awning. I called for an estimate. They told me that I needed to make a $240 deposit. They couldn't find the part number. I found it in 20 minutes and gave them the info. Filed with insurance and I received my checks. Deposited in savings. Called to arrange the repair. I had already had them rewrite it as I didn't want to pay for the travel to my rv out of pocket. I was willing to take it to them.


The secretary started telling me the total. I stated it was minus the $240. She said no, that was for research. I said what research? I did the research to find the part no,ger. She stated that she did 2 hrs research to find the part at $489. Do you have a supplier? I informed her that this was part of doing the job. I was paying for parts and labor. I was not willing to pay for her research. She said she would call me back. Called me back in a few mi Utes and she stated the owner would credit me 1 hr for labor. That the charge was now for the estimate. I stated that is not was my paperwork says. I would not accept that. I was willing to pay for the part up front but wanted full credit for the $240. I understand ending a deposit for the estimate because people get the insurance money and never have the work done, bit I informed her that the industry standard is to give full credit if they do the work. Whe said she would have the owner call me back. Three hours later she called back and said they were refunding my $240.


I got on Amazon and found the part for j$322.

Ron C.

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I, too, have found those mobile techs much more reasonable. I can't believe what the OP went through. Glad he held in there and didn't accept that crap.

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OP. The only thing missing from your post is the name and location of this repair service. No matter how you look at it, they have worked really hard at their reputation and you would be performing a real service in helping them towards that goal. For 99.9%, their practice would be considered sleazy and for the remaining .1%, the practice would be a shining example of modern customer service/problem resolution.

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In my business research is all part of the contract. All time I or my team spends working on the project is billed. We don't work for free. If a person cannot pay for all our services, they aren't ready for our services.

Having said that, you need to realize that I don't have any team and any contracts I do say I am retired. You did exactly what I would have done. Too many other businesses out there want your $$$. Use the ones that appreciate you. Gotcha.

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I second the notion to publish the "service" providers name. That will give people a heads up when dealing with them.


Research of a technical or parts issue in most businesses falls under "ongoing education". If I charged people for the amount of time I spent investigating and researching solar and electrical equipment no one could ever afford my services. That is - if I was still doing that work.


Professionals are expected to KNOW their field. That requires ongoing (unpaid) education and research. Period.

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You did the right thing by kicking them to the curb. And thanks for the name of the company.

Dave & Diane

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