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RV Insurance for Texas Residents


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Re-locating to Texas as a permanent domicile state. I would like to ask what insurance companies Rvers with fifth-wheels use to insure their fifth wheel and towing vehicle (my is a Siverado, 2500hd). Will be full-time and possibly traveling out of the state.

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You can use what ever Insurance Company you wish. If you are going to be full time then you need "fulltimers" insurance. It covers you in liability the same way your homeowner insurance would have in your home. Not all companies (Allstate and a few others) don't offer it.

Most of the major companies that do, will insist on insuring both vehicles.

Some insurance companies will call it by different names and not all coverage will be the same

Some will only insure your personal property to a limit of say 5K. Others will let you purchase what you want.some offer rider for say jewelry and it guns. Some will insure your RV to full replacement value others not.

So the better question might be

" What questions do I need to ask the insurance company in order to make the best choice for my situation". I would start with whom ever you currently use.

Oh and your "garaged location" will be your legal address.

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Will be full-time and possibly traveling out of the state.

If I understand correctly, you will be physically living in TX most of the time as well as using it for your domicile? If you have a permanent physical address in one location, then you may want to contact a local agent but for fulltimer coverage there are several very well respected agencies that you may want to contact.


PoliSeek, Miller Ins., Explorer Ins., & RV Advantage are just a few of them.

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If you qualify as a Vet having served yourself, or have a parent or grandparent you can document as a Vet you might want to get a quote from USAA. I just called them and checked that what I got from them when we were full timers is still what they do. What they do for me now is insure my 28 Foot part time 5th wheel with my truck for liability for external damage, liability, and comprehensive. When I was a full-timer they did that too and for my contents wrote me a renter's insurance policy for the amount of content value I told them to for very little. Now for Motorhomes it is very different as they refer them to their third party division and that would be Progressive. I am not a big fan of Progressive but my 5th wheel or any travel trailer or utility trailer saves me a lot with them as above. I just called to double check my facts and that is accurate.


Give them a call.

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