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HDT-Friendly RV Park Near Anaheim, CA?


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Bad time for Anaheim I'm afraid. The rose bowl sells out everything along with Disney Land.

Your best bet may be to head east on the 91 from the 57 and look for something in Corona or Riverside.

The morning traffic west bound and the east bound traffic after 2pm can be a challenge..

Most people working in Orange County live out east.

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O'Neill Regional Park - Trabuco Canyon. (East of Mission Viejo & Rancho Santa Margarita)

(No hook-ups)





Maybe ask about using a group or equestrian site?


*If* you were to locate there - enter via El Toro Road to Trabuco Cnyn road.


The "back way" via Santa Margarita Pkwy - looks good, (more direct) but has a very tight, steep, connector from RSM - which could be a glitch for long tow/trlr combos.



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Camp Pendleton has beach camping for military and former military only. I don't know much about it but might be worth a call


Now, that's something I haven't thought about. That's a little out of range for this trip, but I would love to do that at some point in the future. It would be nice to be on base and not under orders. ;-)

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From Norco, north on 15, West 60, South 57, South 5 you can avoid the scales if you bobtail to Pendleton. You'll get off on Basilone exit. If you go just south of that, you'll hit another set of scales. Leaving the campground there is a low bridge that you have to go under if you're tall Sleeper but I can't recall the height nor do I know if there is another option as I am usually in my car when I go surf San O so I never pay attention.

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