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Looking for opinions on an all electric fifth wheel?


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Aware of issues dry camping, but would also have solar and battery bank.


Diesel generator, Aqua Hot....Sizes?


Understand I will lose storage space, length flexible.


Fifty gallon tank on coach?


Also consider resale value?


Looking for opinions, good and bad...?


Would be NH, Space Craft or Continental coach.



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My project Teton is all electric, I replaced the stove, water heater, RV refrigerator, removed one of two propane heaters, the other is out of the way. I have a 70 amp shore power cable I made to power it, I could stay at a 50 amp site with few issues. I have a 25KW generator, a 20KW would power everything off the 70 amp with no reserve.


I don't generally camp in the traditional sense; places I stay have heavy power that I can tap or roll my own. Propane is expensive, a chore to refuel, another system to contend with and, IMHO most important a fire danger. The other thing with a diesel gen set the whole rig is single fuel that's available everywhere.


The only disappointment so far in the conversion has been a on demand instant hot water heater. It is a 9600 watt unit and it is marginal in delivery, a 12`15 gallon conventional electric is in the works. The conventional WH will also reduce the watt load down to a 1200 or so watt heating element.


Even with a 70 amp service I can't take a shower, broil, cook on all burners, microwave, and run the heaters or AC at once. In practical terms 60~70 amps of 240 service is realistic for an all electric coach in "most" situations.



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There is no reason why it could not be done but you need to know how big a trailer you will want so you can size items like the furnace and ac units. Then you need to calculate what your amp usage will be for each item and combine the items that could or would be used together to see if you can keep it on a 50 amp plug and what size generator you will need.

Consider that you might have heat on, pans on the stove, something in the oven and may want to run the microwave while you have lights on, TV playing a DVD and the DW blow drying her hair or at least know what your limitations will be.


What is the 50 gal tank for, fresh water, grey water, black water, diesel fuel for generator?


Maybe mount generator and fuel tank on the HDT.


For resale purposes, maybe have the builder include a spot for propane tanks along with plumbing so it can easily be converted if needed.



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Check out http://www.hhrvresource.com/

for much more info on HDT's.

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Our Continental Coach is almost what you are talking about. We do have two propane fired furnaces and a propane generator but we rarely use either. Everything else is electric-stove, washer/dryer, water heater, residential fridge, convection-microwave, and dish washer. We winter in South Texas and more often use the electric fireplace to warm up the living area in the morning. Heat pumps would work for us but I like having the furnaces for the rare times when it gets really cold. I would think Forks RV/Continental could build whatever you wanted. As for resale any of the luxury high end custom built coaches will be harder to sell because of the higher price/value and smaller market. Best Wishes, Jay

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Thank everyone for you comments....


In our past we had an all electric houseboat 16 x 70...Ran with one 50 amp connection...had washer, dryer, 2 x 20 gallon hot water heaters, heat pump on rear deck with air handler in hull, Sears smooth top with oven, refrigerator, trash compactor, dishwasher, home theater, 3 small bedrooms, multiple ceiling fans running with a 12,500 westerbeke gas generator..we ran A/C, lights, refrigerator, dishwasher, fans, tv, lights continously while away from dock and added microwave also...


JC put a diesel generator with a 50 gallon diesel tank and said he could go about 4-5 days on 50 gallons....


I would transfer diesel fuel from HDT when needed....


Aqua Hot would be used for hot water and heat when needed...do not plan to dry camp myself, but do not want to limit resale value...


Looking for a one fuel rig plus solar...similiar to the larger diesel Class A's.


Planning on a 40-45 length....with a Volvo HDT...similiar to JC's look...if he allows...

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My Onan QD7500 uses about 1/2 gallon per hour and with my 30 gallon fuel tank is good for 60 hours. I also have a small portable case diesel fuel transfer pump that I can fill our generator tank and diesel Smart car from the 300 gallons on the truck. I have 2-40lb propane tanks that I use for furnace/refer and the quick connect for the Barbeque. I fill them every spring and is good for the entire season for the two of us. We also have 705 watts of solar. I like the option of having the propane as we very seldom use the genset anymore.....just for air conditioning and can stay of grid for a very long time.








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Makes me feel really good about my thoughts...I will keep everyone posted...I know someone told me they carry 50 gallons of Diesel and that lasts 4 or 5 days...had already the diesel pump at Northern Hydraulics...had wondered if strainer would fit into fuel tank opening...


How is the noise in bedroom?

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If you plan it right and are willing to live with a few minor inconveniences it is very do-able.


Cooking: It depends on how demanding you are with your requirements. A cooktop is not too bad on the power and as long as you do not plan to run a cooktop, electric oven AND a 240 dryer and tow AC units at the same time you can do it. I've worked out the loads and things like an electric dryer can really put a wrench in it. But as long as you are willing to load-balance you will be OK.


Aqua Hot is the way to go, for sure, for heating. We like our electric fireplace a lot and heat with it and our infloor heat, primarily. Our infloor heating is electric. In your case the aquahot will handle it.


Be careful of your electric oven (if you choose to use one) and the cooktop draws. It may prevent you from running two AC units at the same time. It depends.....


Bottom line - you can do it if you plan it carefully. But it does depend somewhat on your expectations and budget. Budget comes into play on what support systems you want. For example, I can design in a 240 volt hybrid inverter system that will take up a lot of the (over) load, but it will require a large battery bank and (perhaps) a large solar system to help charge that bank. Not a technical issue, but a budget/lifestyle issue. There are trade offs in every choice you make.

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Makes me feel really good about my thoughts...I will keep everyone posted...I know someone told me they carry 50 gallons of Diesel and that lasts 4 or 5 days...had already the diesel pump at Northern Hydraulics...had wondered if strainer would fit into fuel tank opening...


How is the noise in bedroom?


The QD diesel generator is very quiet compared to the 5500 propane unit it replaced and is also a pure sine wave unit. If you are going the diesel genset route I would suggest to with a "Gen-turi" extended exhaust system if your going to be using the genset for extended periods. Better be safe than sorry when dealing with carbon monoxide.



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