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I have the Garmin and it gives very good pictures. I tried to post a video her but can't and the link I tried to a Google page didn't work either so you just have to take my word for it. It's easier to see the video on the Windows 10 than it was on the Windows 7 computer.



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I am interested in getting a dash cam. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have been looking at this one. http://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B00NG84AT0/ref=sr_cm_cr_acr





That's the same one I have. Rather than using the large suction mount it comes with, it also comes with a small adhesive mount that sticks directly to the windshield that the camera clips onto. Stick it behind the rear view mirror and it is very small and unnoticeable even from the exterior. I have a 32 GB micro SD card in it and it holds 8 hrs of looped video so I always have the last 8 hrs of whatever happens. (I also have one on the rear window recording whatever happens behind me.) If you get hit (Or you slap it) it locks that segment from being overwritten.


It takes great Hi Res video day and night and auto offs when you stop. (Either from lack of motion or turning off power.)


It has been a true "set it and forget it" for the last 6 mos and it has always been recording when I periodically check it.


Excellent review of this cam:

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I've had a G1W-C for some time. I'm happy with it. I've been able to save clips and post them easily so it must be pretty user friendly (since I'm pretty inept with a computer). I like that it doesn't have a battery. I drive lots of different cars and am constantly switching it from car to car to trucks and the mount is very easy and seems pretty durable.

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