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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We will do our best to help you and address your questions.


Like most things in life, there is no single answer that fits every situation. The first issue is to find out what the towing weight limits are for your motorhome. Once you know that you then need to determine what sort of vehicle will serve you best. We loved our Honda CR-V's(2 of them over the years) but the new ones being sold today are not towable as those from 2014 and prior were in either manual or automatic transmission. But they aren't for serious off road travel.


Most 4 WD vehicles can be towed on their wheels, as long as they have a transfer case that has a neutral position in it. Many manual transmission vehicles can be towed on their wheels, but not all. There are also several of the GM vehicles with an automatic transmission that can be towed on their wheels, such as the HHR and the Malibu. There are many others that can be modified to make them so that you can tow on the wheels and nearly any front wheel drive vehicle can be towed if you use a tow dolly. A good place to check to see if the vehicle you are interested in can be towed is the website of REMCO towing equipment.


If you give us more information we can better supply suggestions. I knew one couple who towed a Hummer!

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We are considering s 34-38'hi end dp. We are retired and looking some comfort. With the cars and years that can't be towed I am not where to start.


Motorhome magazine publishes a yearly list of vehicles that can be towed 4-down. You can also still get them for previous years. This might help you in your choice. Good luck.

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During our travels it seems the most popular TOAD is the jeep. But, we have seen everything from trailered MB to 4 down MINI cooper's and Miatas.

As far as comfort some of the Jeeps are pretty darn comfy. :P

MINI and Miata most likely would not fit into the comfy category, fun YES but not comfy :D

Google 4-down towing and you should see other sites that will give you good info,

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Just say to look at a Jeep is rather like saying to look at a Ford.... We have friends who own a Jeep Cherokee which is a 4WD version with a neutral position in the transfer case. They sell new for $23K-30K. If you really want the top Jeep, the Grand Cherokee Summit can be run up to nearly $65K!


Lots of folks like the Ford Escape in 4WD or for a larger vehicle check out the Explorer as I have seen both being towed. You can even tow the Cadillac Escalade if you want true luxury in a tow vehicle.


If you are looking for 2015 year models, try the Dingy Towing Guide from Motorhome magazine. They have available for download a copy of the guides for 2015, 2014, & 2013 that are free and previous years versions at a cost of $1.99 each.

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Don't buy a Ford Fiesta! We saw it could be towed (and it does tow well 4 down and is very light). The problem with them is the transmission. It's a computer controlled dual clutch. geared transmission that acts for all the world like an automatic.

For the first year it was the sweetest shifting automatic I'd ever driven, then it started to rattle, judder and lurch. I took it back to Ford and they told me the clutches needed replacing but there were so many needing replacing it would be months before they could even get the parts.

After they finally got the parts and repaired it. it was worse than when it went in.

More repairs blamed on a "Drivability" modification not related to the transmission.

It still rattles, lurches and hesitates and they just avoid me now.

It's not related to towing, I know people that have never towed them and they have the same problems. Mines a 2012, I recently rented a 2014 and it had the same problems.

Just a heads up.


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We found a 2012 Liberty just in off of lease with less than 12,000 miles on it for a good price. An extra $400 allowed us to extend the existing 5 year/100,000 mile factory warranty on the drivetrain for an additional 2 years (... it's the same 100,000 mile warranty - with two additional years (making it a 7 year / 100,000 mile factory warranty). The size is right, it's enjoyable to drive - and tows "4 down" like a dream with our Roadmaster "All Terrain" Towbar/SMI Air Force One Brake setup. It's only shortcoming is that the gas mileage could be better (we get somewhere in the 16-17 MPG range if we work at it). It's the first Jeep we've owned ... and at this point, I'd certainly consider another in the future.

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We are looking at a high end 34-38'dp. We have a 12 Avalon for the comfort but it isn't a flat for car. We are hoping for something with something more comfortable than an off-road car. I read the cars and years that can't be towed. Any ideas.


Can't beat a 2014 Honda CR-V for your specifications. Be sure to install the fuse bypass!

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We started with a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2007. There were very few four down-towable US cars then. It got fired when it turned 18 years old. It was replaced by a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox.


The Equinox fits our needs. It get reasonably good mileage with an I4 engine that has plenty of performance for us. It has a large passenger compartment for front and rear passenger leg room and a good cargo compartment.


In 2014, the 2012 Equinox lost the battle with a severe hail storm. It was replaced by a 2014 Equinox.


And it is a US car.

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We had a 2002 AWD Honda CRV for 10 years and it worked well. We replaced it with a 2012 AWD Chevrolet Equinox, like Mark & Dale, and we also love it. Chevrolet makes many vehicles that can be towed four down with an automatic. If you don't mind a manual transmission, Subaru also makes many nice towable vehicles. We had an automatic transmission Subaru Forester before we went on the road and liked it more than the CRV, but it was not towable.

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