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  1. We used vinyl planking when we replaced our carpet. We have a Class 'A' DP 39'. Our slide doesn't have rollers and the only issue we have had is the nylon block broke. That allowed the slide to drop more than it should have. We have a piece of nylon block we use under the edge of the slide until we can get the block repaired. If we had to do it over we would not install the floor to float as much as the say. Cold weather allows gaps to form:(.Other than that we are very happy,easy cleaning and worry free. It's been installed for about 4 years and took about 3 days to install.
  2. Our plans for Maine have been cancelled by the campgrounds and they have already sent refunds. The Governor has closed the campgrounds to all out of state campers. The campgrounds have told us they are not sure when they will be allowed to have out of staters.
  3. A few items to check: Fan belt is still attached to the water pump. Exhaust pipe dust clean out. Fuel line collapsing. When I serviced mine I did all of the maintenance recommended, with the exception of the fan belt.
  4. Another option if you stay at a hotel look at a parking area where you can back up against another vehicle, fence, building, or curb.
  5. The spray on roofs I have seen costs of $120-$140 per linear foot. A/C's probably 1.5 - 2 hrs labor and cost of the A/C is dependent on BTU with or without heat pump, and possible upgraded thermostat. I just replaced both A/C units 15K each with new thermostats for about $1200. This was without heat pumps and with new thermostats. I installed them myself and was fairly simple. If you are handy and able DIY is the way tp go. There are quite a few forums and you tube videos on how to do stuff.
  6. we had an older Southwind that the previous owner had installed an extra electric fan and a trans cooler. It came in handy when pulling hills up and down the East Coast. When the temp gauge came close to 3/4, before the 'RED' zone, I flipped the switch and the gauge crept back down to the mid point. Never did have it overheat on all the trips we took. It had a 454, 4bbl, 3 speed auto , and 61K miles. We never toad anything, gas mileage was bad enough:)
  7. We received the A/C's ordered from PPL with free shipping. With the free shipping the units were $280.00 cheaper than CW. I saved almost $600 bucks by checking with PPL. There is a catch with the free shipping that I found out about when I ordered the units. The A/C's were free shipping, but the control board and thermostats were not free shipping. The parts person at PPL split my order to save me $$$ on shipping. The shipping for one order was $219.00, split order $10.00. Installed the front unit this afternoon and was fairly simple. Hardest part was ciphering the wiring:)
  8. Hey SDDamm, Thanks for the info. I did decide to just replace the two A/C's. Since they are 15 years old and we are hitting the road early next year we decided might as well.
  9. We have a 2003 Class 'A' and the front A/C quit. I've checked the compressor and it seems to ohm out okay. I did find a burnt wire on the fan relay to the thermostat board. Funny thing is that the fan was still working (Would the fan relay cause the compressor not to kick on?). So it seems that maybe the start/run caps, or the fan relay might be bad. The dilemma is that the A/C is original to the coach and the sticker says 03/2003. So am I living on borrowed time and should I just bite the bullet and replace the A/C unit? From what I read 15 years seems to be a fairly long time for the A/C to last.
  10. We have a group of friends that traveled from Central Florida to Homer Alaska. There were 6 RV's and they left Florida around the end of May and were back in Tennessee in the beginning of October. They spent a total of 6 weeks in Alaska, Salmon fishing, hiking, and having a great time. The stopped at quite a few spots along the way and did travel up the center of the US before hitting Canada. The didn't have kids which might be an issue. We travel with our grandkids during the summer for 2 weeks without any boredom issues. Our trips usually are from Central Florida to Upstate NY ( Farthest Niagara Falls). We stop at camping areas with pools and visit different museums or amusement parks. If you are looking for a place in the Orlando area a place we go is Tropical Palms in Kissimmee, just outside of Orlando. The park has a nice pool and also is walking distance to two attractions. One is called Old Town that holds classic car shows on Friday and Saturday evenings. There are also old style shops with red brick roads. At the end of the evening the classic cars take a cruise down the red brick street. Next door is the Fun Spot which has a different types of rides, go-karts, bungee, Ferris wheel, etc. The RV Park is also real close to Disney and the fireworks.
  11. Has anyone bought a Mobley recently? I ordered one over the summer and then after a few delays was told the Mobley wasn't available any longer. About a month ago I saw where you can purchase a Mobley on line but you have to buy a normal data package at $90 a month. The rep told me after I got the device I could go into a store and get the car connect for $20 a month. It sounded fishy so I passed. Just wondering of any one had a similar experience?
  12. We have camped all of our 40+ years of marriage. Started with tents then pop-ups. We would go to RV shows just to look at every type available. In our option the floor plans and storage were always better in the 5ers. So we ended up with a Class 'A':) The main reason for the Class'A' was we didn't have a truck and really didn't want to buy one. It was over 8 years before we went full time in our 39' DP with 2 slides. We love the space and ease of disconnecting and going. As others have mentioned it is a preference you need to determine what is better for you all. We will be fully retired in about a year and so we are still planning on how to tow the car, KIA Soul, and MC, Harley Road Glide. We did look at getting a Transit van and put the MC in it, but to much $$$.
  13. We don't have a samsung but I know we can run the fridge for months on propane. We do charge the batteries during that time, by solar and or charger. We know this since we had an issue where the 120V kept blowing the 5A fuse. We do cool it down the day before a trip so we can load it up and have ir stay cold.
  14. We bought these for our black tank. They work well for the most part, but every so often they don't. I think part of the issue was during installation I drilled the holes the same angle as the tank. The problem is that sensor 2 the tank is on an angle. I think the issue is that I should have drilled the hole straight in. I am thinking about buying another set for the gray tank, but it's a low priority for now. They are much less expensive than SeeLevel.
  15. We know of a couple that had 4 Golden Retrivers, Mom, Dad, and two fully grown pups in an older 32' Southwind with no slides. They seemed to be doing very well in close quarters.
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