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You probably need to print 2 copies of the floor plans, cut out the slides from one of them, then lay them on top of the other plan with them in the closed position to simulate them in the closed position to see what you can access.


It probably is hard to take a picture with the slides closed and probably is not a common request.

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It really depends on the floor plan you go with. This will be the deciding factor on what is accessible when the slides are in. Without knowing what floor plan you will have, we cannot come close to answering your question.


For example, if there is a center island plan on not being able to access anything from the center island back without climbing over the island. Also, any cabinets below the top of the island will be completely inaccessible until one or both slides are extended.

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Not sure if this will help but here is what I did with a situation where when retracted there wasn't enough room to get thru on either side of the island. A new Island was made to slide on 1/4" thick strips of Teflon type material. The cabinet overhangs the toekick 2" at the back which is normal and 1" at the front.


The toekick was fastened to the floor with bolts that are half wood thread on one end and metal thread on the other. The wood thread went into the floor and the metal thread came thru a slot in the bottom of the toekick. This allows the unit to be slid 6" one way or the other. The spacing and locations are such that the bolts are always covered by the kick. Nothing shows when the cabinet is moved one way or the other.

An extra 6" is given which leaves no space on one side and xtra 6 on the other. This when prior there wasn't enough to get thru on either side.


If you want I can draw and scan or take pics and e-mail them to you. 2 of the pics will show the 2 locations of the island when slides are out.


I won't get to wordy here as it will muddy the waters but it does work and it is structurally sound.


If you don't have an island this will be of no help.

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Thanks all. I'm not trying to solve a problem Roger, just doing some planning. I will use Star Dreamers idea of laying out the floor plans. (actually i will have some of the young guys that work for me do that, bc they take 1/5 the time I do). They will probably animate the slides knowing them.

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