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It's Official: Voyager has a tag & title


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I went to the SC DMV today and got Voyager titled as a MH and walked out with a REAL license plate! Wow. Now I can take the temp tag out of the window. Woohoo


Of course, Larry still has the truck so I can't actually put the tag on it yet....but soon. Hopefully by the end of August the bed will be complete and we can haul our Smart and DRV around.


Baby steps....but they are steps going forward. :P

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Congrats on your SC MH registration. Have you gotten your class F license yet ? I had a heck of a time getting my 780 registered as a MH in SC but persistence paid off. The class F license test was pretty simple but I left some pretty good side skid marks on the pavement doing the alley dock. Be safe, Charlie.

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We'll wait for the official word from the "real" Phil, but it was my understanding that if I'd been properly licensed in Pennsylvania when I became a Texan, I could have exchanged my Class A Exempt for the same license in Texas. But, since I'd never made it back "home" to upgrade and was operating out of classification I got a regular Texas Class C license, then tested for the upgrade to a Class A Exempt.

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If you are in-class and properly licensed in your state of domicile it is valid in all 50 states.


Changing domicile to TX from SD is a different story. Sometimes coming into TX the license will transfer to an equivalent class, and sometimes not. Different stories from different people.


In my case I transferred a class C with motorcycle endorsement from PA straight across, including the MC. Then tested up to the Class A Exempt. I had previously given up my CDL.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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