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cars crashing in to buildings


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It seems to lately that every few days there is another report of another vehicle

crashing in to a house or similar structure here in oz and I was wondering if it was

just us or is this happening in America as well.


there was a big one earlier this week in Queensland a vehicle crashed in to the back of a café and took out the LP gas bottle which caused an explosion and seriously injured a

number of people on the premises



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It is fairly common when folks get older to hit the gas when intending to hit the brake. There are some studies going on now to try to understand it.

I talked to one guy that had it happen to him. He ran across an intersection and ff the road. No one hurt but he said it was weird and as they went across the intersection he was asking his wife what was happening.

It is as if the brain does a momentary switch from one instinctive/learned movement to another.

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We once bought a house where someone had previously crashed into it. Apparently the driver thought the driveway was the street that was still three houses away. I think alcohol was involved in that one since it was way before the days of texting.


I was recently in a car that turned too soon and crossed the road into a bunch of bushes. We were not hurt. The driver later said she uses a driveway on the right to tell her when to turn left but she used the wrong driveway. Some of us should not drive at night. As the population ages there are more of us, at least here in the USA, that should not drive at night.


Linda Sand

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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