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Having lurked and read about a lot of others experiences, I'm just wondering about what it costs to replace or rebuild an engine or I-Drive transmission on a class 8 tractor? I know I'm opening a can of worms of sorts, what with in chassis, lower end, top end. Any facts would be known appreciated.

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There is no single answer to your question. There are a lot of "what iffs..."


In general - and I do mean general - to rebuild an ISM or ISX is going to range in the 12K - 18K area, DEPENDING on what you have done. Yes, everyone, I KNOW you can "rebuild" an ISM for around 10K or maybe a little less, but there are lots of things that "get done while in there" that tend to jack the price. I did say "in general".


I have no idea on the IShift, but to replace/rebuild it has to be in the 8K range or more, depending on what is wrong.


You can look up the prices of crate engines. You will find them to be a bit more.


It will be interesting to see what others say.....

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The power train is 750,000 OR 5 years. I had 530,000 on my truck but the 5 years ran out 2 months previously. Cost $14,000 for a new I-shift. Oh well!!! I've never seen a hearse pullin a U-haul.( u can't take it with you)

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I was told 20-25k for an shift cuz they come directly from volvo and are not repairable. So only choice is new. So the Dallas area dealer told me.



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I put a reman in this Freightliner at a million miles in 2008. The 3/4 engine in the crate at Detroit Diesel was $15,000, out the door with almost all new accessories( turbo, water pump, air compressor, alternator, ac compressor including labor was $24,000.

Don't even want to think about what an automated manual would be, but the only way I would do it is with a reman from the OEM.

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Cummins M11 Reman (Exchange) and new clutch and rebuild on an Eaton 10 speed " Roadrager" manual tranny in the Old Freightshaker was under $20K 6 years & 18,000 miles ago...... The original M11 was still running good at 1,0XX,XXX miles without any major repairs but it was starting to use some oil so it was just time to fresh'n it up.....

In RV duty HDT's get so little miles and light duty-cycle (light loads) that the main concern is NOT enough use to keep a truck in good condition....


Small pre-smog engines and manual trannys are pretty simple and a ton LESS money.........I find manual shifting no big deal at all........

Another option is a used (pre-owned) engine / tranny from a “truck-bone-yard”.......You might be amazed at the “selection” …...many have low miles and verifiable history.... at reasonable costs.


Replace a Ford Powerstroke and tranny or a GM Duramax and tranny and hold your breath ........and your checkbook...... you wont believe how much $$$$ it will cost for a toy engine tranny that will be "dust" when the M11 is just hitting it's 1/3 lifespan.


It's hard to compare TRUCKS and............toy-trucks.......


Drive on.........

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