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  1. What is the requirement for Texas DL to drive a HDT? I need to make a 20 hour drive and have a friend share the driving time. He is a Texas resident, is there an endorsement so he could drive my truck? We are just pulling a flatbed 20’ trailer loaded with AC units.
  2. We have been Fl residents for years but are looking for a way to cut our fixed expenses. We are currently insured with National General for our HDT, fiver and smart. Is insurance cheaper in Texas? Registration seems high in Fl. Also.
  3. genecolleen

    Shore power

    Boy do I feel stupid. Normally I plug into the outside outlet on my RV and check to make sure the ac power light comes on in my truck. This time they had me park in a vacant lot next to my RV. I just checked and the 20 amp breaker was off. Thanks to all for your responses.
  4. genecolleen

    Shore power

    I have a Xantrex RM1012 AL inverter/ charger. The truck was plugged in for the 3 weeks to a power pedestal. All 12 volt devices dash cam, tire monitor ect. unplugged. Fridge turned off. No interior lights left on.
  5. genecolleen

    Shore power

    Normally when we are parked for more than a few days I plug into shore power. I figured this would prevent the phantom power drain from pulling down my batteries. I have been parked for 3 weeks and went out to move truck yesterday, batteries dead. All four batteries were replaced 3 months ago. Could this have something to do with the inverter?
  6. Volunteer Mobile Missionaries (VMM) is comprised of retired or semi-retired Christians who have access to an RV. We are all self supporting and have our own medical insurance. The host camp furnishes us with an RV site with hook ups. We are non-denominational and inter-denominational. Our members enjoy serving God and His people in a special way. We work on selected projects at Christian camps, churches, boarding schools, and other Christ centered activities. Primarily, our work involves construction, renovation, or remodeling, but many other areas are touched as well. Every kind of worker is utilized as the needs are varied in God’s service, therefore, we can accommodate everyone who is willing to apply him/herself. There is no requirement for women to work, although many do. Our day starts with devotions and includes morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. Our projects last 3 weeks, working 4 days a week, 7 hours a day. Pets are welcome at most projects. Many of our people bring with them construction skills and soon pass these skills on to others. Of course, the most valuable contribution is a life dedicated to serving Jesus. For more information or to contact us go to vmmonline.org
  7. I am on the side of driving lessons also. We have a 39' towed by a Volvo. Total length 64'. Going to a two month truck driving school was the best investment I made. In addition to the comfort level you will save the cost of repairs to truck and RV for on the job learning. Did I mention less stress!!! Have fun.
  8. Thanks, Suite. Like Hone Eagle said "stuff happens" it's part of the lifestyle. I knew about claims on homeowners and auto insurance and only used those for MAJOR loses, never thought about it for roadside assistance. Learned a lesson. Maybe my experience will help someone else.
  9. Roger, because I am not a mechanic I had Gregg repair/replace ANYTHING that was slightly suspect. He was VERY thorough. I have a CDL and I do a complete pre trip before each move. Only one of the service calls might have been avoided in hindsight. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Cracked coolant reservoir lost coolant Montana, blew radiator hose White Bird Pass, tire problem, battery dead, misdiagnosed so second no start. I'm not a mechanic so each resulted in call to roadside assistance. CLUE ouch!! Is that forever, or like timeout till I learn my lesson?
  11. I just received notification that I have been dropped by Good Sams roadside assistance. We had a tough year several tows! Any suggestions on who to go with?
  12. Roger, we just made the trip down 101. We cut across on highway 20 just south of Willits Ca. Stayed in Nice @ Aurora RV. I WOULD NOT attempt to cross on any roads north of highway 20.
  13. Roger, looks awesome! Can we get details? Who did the hitch /cost? Who did the wrap/ cost?
  14. We bought a set never plan to use them. In some mountain passes you are required to carry them. $100 to not worry if I get asked if I have chains....yep.
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