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Towing a HDT


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I just thought this may interest some of the HDT people here. It is a very recent series of video's of a 2014 Kenworth with automatic transmission troubles. The series starts at 3150 and goes to 3155. Hope this doesn't happen to often to any of us. I wonder what the bill would be on a job like this?


Starts here.











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I actually feel dumber after watching all of the videos. The 1st, I was interested, the 2nd I was a little upset with both the company driver and the tow operator. The company man for not having his truck cleaned out (garbage) and his bag packed, and the tow driver for dragging/pulling air lines over painted/polished surfaces. By the end, I had the same attitude as the tow driver. Talk to the shop foreman, I'm tired of you.

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The only time we were on the hook in an RV, I had tried to pull the drive-shaft before the tow driver showed. Alberta road salt seized, so the shafts came out of the housing, and were replaced with cardboard covers for the housing ends. We had 2 adults, and 2 kids. A taxi arrived while the tow truck was connecting, and everyone had a "go bag" packed, and were responsible for it until we got to the hotel. I rode in with the truck camper, in the tow truck. Once a service provider was found, I called all the hotels in the area. We had rooms for a week, in the peak of holiday season, but only used 3 nights. It might just be the way I was raised, but I don't sit on my hands waiting for someone to rescue me. And, I didn't follow the tow truck driver around with a camera, asking how much his boom weighed.

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Phil,did you see amount of the bill? I have had CoachNet for many years as well. Great plan and covers my family of four.

No, I didn't but the driver and I had a long conversation about it. They get paid form home city to home city (according to him) so my 62 mile tow would actually be more like 120 miles. Adding up the "call" plus mileage he and I figured in the range of $900. Coachnet will only take you to the "closest" appropriate repair facility. Thank goodness the only place to work on a freedomline tranny is the dealership. I'll remember that for next time..."oh it's blowing smoke...must be the transmission". :)

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Last year when the XY shifter went out on our 18-speed Eaton Fuller in our Kenworth it was the first and only time we had it towed in the almost eight years we owned this quarter million dollar custom truck. Since we only had to be towed less than two miles from the exit off I-80 in Gary, IN to the Kenworth shop we thought we would be fine.


The tow driver appeared to be knowledgable in what he was doing, until he shut the [$8500.00 minus paint] hood on the air and elctrical lines he had run from the tow truck to ours and cracked the hood on the drivers side. We were sick! The bill that less than two mile tow was $550.00.

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We were towed once back in 2011 about 20 miles. Our road hazard for our insurance covered it. I did ask the driver how much insurance would be billed he said it would be about $900. While waiting for the tow truck to arrive the wife did call around and estimates for the tow averaged $1000~$1200.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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