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towns with lots of music ...


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Looking for more music towns (western states) that have frequent music jams/programs. First choice is good weather and months like mid-70's high average and upper 30's low average (when we RV-THERE).


Examples: Quartzsite, AZ in Jan-Feb "with above temperatures" [w-a-temps] and about 18-20 scheduled music jams per week + paid entertainers almost weekly at RV Pks and QIA bldg. (& do Blythe, CA bluegrass every Jan) Mtn View, AR and Branson, MO in Oct & mid-Nov [w-a-temps] and music every day. Cloudcroft, NM and Winter Park, CO [w-a-temps] and music, melodramas, other attractions almost weekly. Some summers we have done the bluegrass-circuit of these states (alphabetic listings): CO, ID, MT, SD, WA and WY. Don't wish anymore to RV to music in IN, KY, NC, TN, VA and WV, Too far to travel and too humid in most of these states in the summer.


Thanks for reading and hopefully responding.

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Thanks Zulu and Stan; but I've been both places and they are short term. The places I mentioned above last the whole time I'm there. So I'm looking for a town(s) with a long entertainment season. Been to Branson 15-16 times (each time, but once, included the veteran's programs & always free shows to vets at Grand Country, John Tweed, Rex Reeves, IMAX-/Lil' Opry Theatre, Tony Orlando, Titanic and several others +many with vet-discounts) from 9-32 days; but still gets expensive and a 2400 mile r/t.


The "mountain states-trip above" allowed me to make 8-9 bluegrass festivals in 12-14 weeks (constantly doing figure-8 travels and 4000 miles at 6mpg. Basically same schedule with eastern states. Uh-uhhh; no more of that. But again, thanks for the suggestions.

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