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Best Product(s) for Cleaning Exterior

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Hi All


Now that spring has sprung, it's time to wash the motorhome. Is there one product to clean and protect roof, sides and windows, or do I need a couple different things? Is there something special for the underside? I do have access to softened water.


I'm in mid-Michigan, living on a dirt road. Just for fun, we're under the flight path for the local airport - white vehicles that sit seem to pick up weird black streaks, which I would like to avoid.


Many thanks!



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As Kirk said, lots of answers when it comes to cleaning products, and all are perfect in the eye of the poster... Here are my 'perfect' products:


> I like all things Zaino. Easy to apply, easy to take off. They have a product call AO1 (All In One) that is a combo mild polisher and wax finisher, used if you have a paint of gel coat in need of a bit more then polish. They have a product called ZCS which I use as a windshield/glass coating and I call it Rain X on Steroids:)! (Seems to make it easier to get the bugs off too...) ZCS also has a UV additive, and I used this on the roof top before we applied BusKote.


> I've also been experimenting with Mequiars NXT and Eagle One Nanowax (The NXT is also Nano.). I did two panels side by side with each product. They both are easy to apply, provide a good shine, and both seem to last about the same time. I use them both on the glass too, and it seems to also work close to as well as ZCS.


I feel these Nano products are a good way to go, and IMO would buy whichever of these two were on sell, as they see to be work well.


> Yes, we do the same thing on the detailer products, for touch ups while on the road. Usually use One Minute Detailer, but again, will grab whatever is on sale at a given time.


> We use Aerospace 303 for the rubber, and side seals, etc.


One key thing, especially the first main wash/wax of the year, is to use Dawn to wash with. The alkaline helps cut wax and grease build up, allowing a good bond of whatever product you use. I do this once each year, and then use regular care wash detergent in between.


So now you have quite a few 'best products' to consider:)! None of them are magic, the key is regular and consistent usage...




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Linda H......i have never used waterless washes but I am interested in doing so. You say that your RV has never seen water.....but what if the RV get really grimy? I was wondering if there is a chance of scratching the paint without water.

No it will not scratch the paint if used right. As you spray the product on and some have you wait for different times and then you wipe off and buff. You will only scratch when you try to wipe it off dry.

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For years I hand washed and waxed our rig religiously several times each year. Then last year I discovered a waterless wash and wax system originally developed by Aero Products for airplanes. It is named Wash Wax All. Works great and leaves a deep shine. We get compliments allot on how nice our 9 year old fig still looks and how deep a shine it has. I do not work for Aero or sell their products. Just an extremely satisfied customer who like to share good products when I find them.

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Our RV has never seen water.

LOL - I read that and thought of what a charmed life your rig has had. No rain, sleet, fog -- all blue skies and clear sailing. I knew what you meant, it just caught me.


(After spending most of the day in the belly of the beast replacing the shower mixing valve and having water running all over the place today.)

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I use The Solution. It is ordered on line and was featured at the last Escapade in Tucson this year. Great stuff to use on everything. Does a better job on windows than Windex. Just don't put it on any surface where you might stand because it is slippery. Makes the truck shine like it was new. You can spray it on and wipe off, but I prefer to spray it on a cloth and then wipe down the RV and truck. I buy the cloths at Home Depot or Lowe's for $10 for 20 rags and at .50 I just throw the rags away. I found a long handled soft cloth mop that is so long I no longer have to climb on a ladder. I attach my cloth and I am finished in no time. A little bit goes a very long way. One jug I had lasted 18 months. There is a whole other thread on whether to clean your roof or not. So that may take a cleaning and then apply THe Solution to make it easier to clean the next time.


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Our RV has never seen water. We use a product called Bullet Polish and Protectant for cleaning it, http://www.bulletpolish.com/default.asp. For tires and other rubber/vinyl, we use 303 Aerospace Protectant, http://www.goldeagle.com/product/303-aerospace-protectant.

How do you clean roof without water unless it is fiberglass.

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