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Strange Problem-compuer freezes up


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I have a strange problem that has started recently. I originally thought it was a mouse problem and removed my external mouse and went to the keyboard mouse but it continues to happen. I have run all my security software and nothing is found.


I go into anything and everything is fine, then I go to close it out(with the x in the upper right) and click on the mouse and it won't do anything, I tried the shrink the screen and the middle button but nothing happens. After a while it unfreezes and I can close it out, generally I get frustrated and close it with the task manager. There is no high cpu usage or anything like that.


I have a W7 machine and use Thunderbird and Firefox. This also happens in Photoshop Elements(where I first noticed it) but I have removed that EHD from the computer. I am now on pure laptop and it is still happening. I can use the mouse with the application(I couldn't in Elements), I just can't close anything.


I was thinking about reinstalling Firefox and Tbird but since it happen in PSE I am hesitant.


Any ideas?

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Got ccleaner?

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Yes I do. I will run that. This morning when I booted opened up the PC all sorts of screens went flashing by, none looked familiar but they were going by too fast. I immediately ran all the security software,nothing found but problems seems to have gone away. This bothers me more than the problem.


I will also run cc cleaner and I have run reg repair.


I will let you know how everything works today.

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I had similar problems. Periodically mouse wouldn't select various onscreen icons. Also mouse periodically froze. Unplugging and replugging the usb mouse solved the problem until next time - minutes, hours days later.


Turned out to be a bad mouse. Got a logitech bluetooth mouse and problem disappeared. (BTW Logitech claims battery will last 18 mos with continuous use - not bad for a single AA battery!)

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Download the Knoppix image (iso) and burn that to a disk, then boot from it. If the problem persists then it's hardware; if it goes away it's software. Knoppix is Linux and when you run it from the CD/DVD it loads in RAM only but it still uses the keyboard and mouse so if either of those has an issue you'll probably see it there, too. If you don't see it, then you might want to check the drivers, etc.





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Would anyone recommend purchasing and using a driver update program?

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