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Water treatment


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We use a water softener, the RV Pro 10000. I like it as it is compact and fairly light even when full of water. It uses just 2# of regular table salt for charging so there is no need for hauling around the big bags of salt.


Edit: For filtration we just use a regular whole house type carbon filter for taste and sediment ahead of the softener.

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Friends had a R/O system in their dpmh. It worked well and they liked it, but they did quite a bit of dry camping and didn't use it then because it required too much water. I suspect water softeners have a similar problem when dry camping. R/O and softener both take up more space than basic multistage filters, but than may not be a problem if you have the space to spare.

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R/O requires a lot of water to function properly. A softener would be much better if you plan to boondock much. We use an On-the-Go softener. There are a couple of brands that are functionally identical and I don't think one brand is any better than the other.

We typically recharge the unit about every two weeks. Since the softener sits at the water source all water is softened including filling the tank. When boondocking you still have soft water without wasting any.

Softening the incoming water also has the advantage of less calcium build up in your water lines.

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I do not use the RO system when boondocking. I bypass it. I do use the softener when bypassing the RO, to fill the tank up. RO is great, but not practical if hauling water for boondocking.


It does "waste" a considerable amount of water. But to me it is worth it. We average 20-25 gallons a day of water consumption, so I doubt that we are significantly damaging the environment, in comparison to ANY house. That includes washing clothes and our dishwasher.


HERE is a document that describes my system.


HERE is the video of the system. (for completeness - same one linked above).

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