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Motorhome Set_Up and Break-Down Check Lists

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I have used this list. It is very flexible and while it looks huge, it only prints off the items you want, but you can use it to create different lists for different things as well. I think you are going to have to decide what specifics may apply unless you post what make/model you have so that others that may have the same can help you with that.




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Besides all the regular stuff that you can think of yourself, I always think of the TV antenna. I put a reminder note on the steering wheel so I don't drive off with the antenna in the "up" position. That one seems to catch a lot of people. Dave

2006 Coachmen Aurora 36ft. Class A motor home. 2009 Honda CRV toad. "Snowbirds" apprx. 6 mos. each year. Travelling to the SW each winter than returning to Wi. each summer. Retired and enjoying our travels along with Buddy the cat.

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Here is the routine we use - generally Dave does outside/I do inside.




Once in site and satisfied with our position:


Shut off engine

Dump air

Hook up electricity - check to make sure batteries are being charged, refrigerator is on

Hook up water

Hook up sewer (if staying more than a couple of days)

Put pads under neath jacks

Level coach

Put out slides

Set up satellite dish, align, verify signal

put out awning if Sun is a problem

Cover wheels, front and side windows if staying for a few days

Unhook and drop down blinds in the front section of the coach

Put out a couple of chairs, grab a cold one and sit down to watch later arrivals in the park.



Getting ready to leave


Night before:

Dump tanks and put away sewer hose

Take down window coverings and wheel coverings

Put away all outside chairs/grill/tables, etc.


Morning of leaving


Pull up blinds and secure for traveling

Pull in slides

take down satellite dish, put away and secure for traveling

Secure shower door and other drawers/cabinets.

Fill travel mugs and secure in holders. Pour out any left over coffee

Disconnect water & put hose away

Disconnect electric & put cord away

Start coach, hit retract for levelers

Remove pads from underneath jacks and store

Pull coach forward to place to hook up car

Hookup car, do light checks and pull forward to make sure car moves easily


Head down the road.


Most important thing is not to let others interrupt you once you start on your routine.



Barb & Dave O'Keeffe
2002 Alpine 36 MDDS (Figment II), 2018 Ford C-Max HYBRID
Blog: http://www.barbanddave.net
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I dont use a checklist. Instead I try to stick to my routine. When done before I leave I do a walk around and inspect the MH and the site to see if everything is as it should be.

<p>....JIM and LINDA......2001 American Eagle 40 '.towing a GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 with RZR in the rear. 1999 JEEP Cherokee that we tow as well.


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Okay, I've seen lots of posts where folks say on setting up that they dump air. As a new DP owner I can't find anything in the manuals so is this something learned over the course of years or model specific? (thanks Barbara for reminding me to post this one up, I keep forgetting)

Berkshire XL 40QL

Camphosting and touring

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We had an inside and outside checklist on a spreadsheet, printed copies and ticked things off for each move. We had so many things to check and do that it was hard to not miss one working from memory.

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RV'ers love checklists, you'll find several versions online with a Google search.

Here is one version I kept in my links from my beginner days, after the first few times, you will develop your own routine.





I would also highlight Barb's warning in Bold and Underlined...

Most important thing is not to let others interrupt you once you start on your routine.


a well meaning neighbor who wanted to say goodbye while I was hooking up my toad, resulted in me forgetting to release the emerg brake and burning off an inch of rubber before I noticed the smoke coming from the back of the toad being dragged down the road.



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its been in all 3 of my various MH owners manuals. why would they go to the expense of installing an air dump switch if they didn't want you to use it?

after a few days parked, the air will gradually leak out of the air bags anyhow, why not release it up front and take advantage of lowering the chassis a few inches, before setting up.

Lowering the chassis several inches relieves some of the stress off your leveler legs by reducing the height you have to extend them. it allows the chassis to be supported more on the frame instead of raised to the air bag level and it also helps keep your outside step at a more practical height.


"Okay, I've seen lots of posts where folks say on setting up that they dump air. As a new DP owner I can't find anything in the manuals so is this something learned over the course of years or model specific? (thanks Barbara for reminding me to post this one up, I keep forgetting)"


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Nada - Our coach will automatically dump air when we turn on the HWH leveling system. Then we level the coach and put out the slides. When leaving we put the slides in and retract the jacks. We do have to hit another button on the HWH control pad to air up the suspension.

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We developed our own checklist by sitting down and talking through what needed to be done before departure. We read the manuals for the slides and leveling jacks specifically. We then took the coach out and practiced setting up and leaving, reviewing not only what was on the list but also the order in which they were presented. Once we were satisfied we printed a hard copy on card stock and had it laminated at the office supply. Through careful planning we only had to make one or two changes!


In a former life I was a pilot. I believe in checklists. My wife...not so much. I run the checklist completely, every item, every time. Put your hands on every switch and drawer and door and lock. I finally got her to believe in the necessity of sticking to the checklist by pointing out things she skipped over. Every item, every time. NEVER fool yourself into believing that you can remember everything on the list by rote. Sooner or later that will bite you in the butt!

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Dumping air is coach specific. It depends on your chassis,leveling system etc. In our case our older Dynasty needs dumped then leveled per Monaco. Slide stays in until this is done. So if possible check with your manufacturer or call upon your leveler maker for advice about YOUR coach.

Ron & Linda

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We have never been big on check lists so do as another suggested and develop a routine for departure and arrival. We each have our own jobs which we do each time, but occasionally we do exchange just to make sure we both know what to do. When we first began we would each ask the other a series questions just prior to driving out as an extra measure. We also each do a "walk around" and a "walk through" just prior to departure both for travel and at every stop.


For the TV antenna, we have a dangle that we keep on the crank when it is stored and on the steering wheel when the antenna is up. Never rush and if you are interrupted when breaking down, stop and talk, then go back to the starting point once the visitor leaves. Most mistakes are made when you are interrupted by someone.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
Kirk & Pam's Great RV Adventure



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