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Where to set up Domicile


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We are full timers and currently have a PO Box in North Carolina, N.C. , tags and liciense. N.C. does not seem very friendly to RVers who are traveling with their rules. We have noticed that Escapees have 3 states where we can develop a domicile. Is there anywhere we can get information of the differences of each state and which one might be best for us. We would be looking at things like Part C for medicare costs, vehicle insurance, tags, liciense and inspections. If one is traveling cross country for a a year or two, it is important that we avoid vehicle inspections as well as driver required physicals.


Thanks all

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When we were making our move, I called the states we were interested in and got the license, tax, etc. information that way. Our insurance company was able to give me price quotes on the 2 different states. I'm not sure there is one place that can give you all the information you are looking for. You'll have to do your homework to get the answers you are looking for. Good Luck. Hugs, Di

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Texas does have vehicle inspections but you only have to have it done if you come into Texas and you have a 5-day grace period before doing so. You don't have to return if you're traveling out of state. The same goes for jury duty. You just have to call and tell them you're traveling and you're excused.

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On the choice of domicile, the #1 item is a state that will accept your use of a mail service as your legal address and so allow use of it for driver's license, vehicle registrations & insurance, health insurance, voter registration and other legal requirements. I think that you may find it helpful to read the article which I wrote for the Escapees magazine on the subject of domicile a while back. Barb males a good point also about the health care plan that you choose.

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We found that Florida did accept our mail forward service as our legal address to set up our domicile in Florida. We have since changed to the lot we bought, but initially did not own a lot.

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...If one is traveling cross country for a a year or two,..

Part of at least some definitions of domicile is that it is the place that you intend to return to when not travelling. Where do you intend to go after "a year or two" of travelling? Will you retain property that you will return to or buy another property in the same area/state after the "year or two"? If you retain a property and stay on it you need to be aware of the laws regarding how long you can stay without the state considering that your domicile/residence. Do you have legal considerations such as inheritance, medical directives, common law marriage, etc. that need to be consider in choosing a domicile. I have no idea what the NC income taxes for retirees may be. Do they tax Social Security? Do they tax IRA/401K/pension distributions? Do they give substantial credits/exclusions for seniors? How much will your state income tax be for one or two years compared to legal fees to change all of your legal documents to your new domicile state and then back in "a year or two" if your plan is to return to NC?

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Just owning the land, or an RV lot, or even a full house or 2, does not create a problem if you stay on the move. You must be careful not to spend too much time at the property or you can fall into the trap where that state claims you as a resident. Typically its 6 months, but it varies state by state. You also need to be careful not to create too many connections to that state with the property, such as voting, banking, employment, school, social clubs, etc; all of which can be used to dispute your domicile.




We are thinking if we have our license and mail in SD or FL and we buy land somewhere else would there be a problem even though we continue to travel frequently


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