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  1. If you are a CPAP user, question, have you or do you use the SOCLEAN electronic cleaner. If you do, would you pleas provide your experience with it. Thank you for your information. KG
  2. Will be working in Salem, Roanoke area a few months and need to find campground. Any knowledge of the area you care to share. Appreciate the help.
  3. The floor of my bedroom slide has severe damage to the floor due to water. Has anyone out there repaired this themselves? Could use input on this problem. Thanks
  4. We are going to be staying in the Pineville area for approximately 2 months and are requesting information on any available areas with in 25 miles of Pineville. Your information will be appreciated.
  5. There is a link in the article but it is incomplete. This afternoon Jennifer Jones, publisher of the article, will post on facebook the comple link and other information about this matter. I will post this link soon as I get it.
  6. Here is an article posted in a paper in Quartzsite. The right side of the highway toward parker is fenced and when you turn right on roads off hwy 95, after about two miles there are signs "no overnight camping" Oops, the file was to large to upload. Anyway, the BLM has closed 50 % of the land to overnight camping in La Paz County. Actually, you could contact Jennifer Jones, The Desert Freedom Press. She is on Facebook. These are the links Jennifer Jones, publisher of the Freedom Press forwarded to me: https://eplanning.blm.gov/epl-front-office/projects/nepa/34906/70447/77039/Mar_La_PosaTMP_EA.pdf http://www.blm.gov/az/st/en/prog/travel_mgmt/la_posa/maps.html
  7. We are looking for a camp site in or near Lexington, NC for approximately 6 weeks. Looking for full hookups. Have 40 ft. 5th wheel. Appreciate any information. Thank you for the information.
  8. No they are not waterfront The park has two boat ramps on the lake but they are about 5 blocks away.
  9. I am needing to re-coat my roof on the RV. The first time I did this I used a product that had only one part, the paint. I purchased a Dicor product which has two parts. Part one is a cleaner/activator and part two is the actual coating. Has any had any experience with this product. Suggestions and recommendations from your experience are appreciated. Thank you.
  10. I have two lots listed that are on Lake Fork which is East of Dallas. The lots are in a gated community and have RV canopy on 4x26 pad.
  11. REDUCED Two deeded lots in a gated community on Lake Fork. Lake Fork is known as "the bass capital". Holiday Village has two boat docks on the lake and two fishing piers, a swimming pool, club house with restaurant, and a lot more. Each lot size is 50'X100'. Has 25.5 X 46 concrete pad with RV canopy. 10'X16' storage/shop building with washer/dryer hookups and 2 lofts. Each lot has a driveway which wallow a 2nd RV with the electric and water being at storage building. Lot 321 has room for a mobile home or house. Lake Fork is east of Dallas and 40 miles north of Tyler and 4 miles north of Quitman. Lot # 321 and 322. 465 Comanche Quitman, Texas. 479 633-1599 or 479 640-7830. JUST REDUCED TO $32,000
  12. I obtained a quote for insurance from Allied. Does anyone have any experience with this company. If you have recommendations on other insurance companies I would appreciate the assistance.
  13. We are in the process of changing our residency to South Dakota. We have selected a mail service and won't be able to travel there until our campground contract has ended in mid October. We are planning to go to SD but not very far in to obtain our drivers license. On the other matter which I would request some of your expert advice is getting the vehicle license. We are licensed in Texas and the lien holders have our vehicle titles. Has anyone ever obtained their vehicle license without actually going to SD. The mail service offers a service to get the license but we have to furnish them with a Power of Attorney and I have reservations about that. Anny experiences or suggestions. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the information Chip. I agree with your comment about the Escapee mail service. We talked with them on Friday and they had no idea when they would be able to provide the service. We are wanting to complete everything before summer is over. Again, thanks.
  15. Thank you for that information. You actually provided some useful information and didn't do any preaching.
  16. You should keep up with the news before giving suggestions. Escapees is not currently providing the service until an unknown date. We have kept up with them and would like to continue with their mail service but they don't know when they will be available.
  17. Escapees is on hold until an unknown date. We currently use them and would like to continue but they don't know when it will be available.
  18. Escapees is not at this time offering the service. They delayed until an unknown date.
  19. We are looking to change our residency to South Dakota. Would appreciate recommendations for the best mail forwarding service. Thank you for your assistance
  20. Just received a notice from the DMV and it noted that I would be required to have my RV inspected before I could obtain my license. Has anyone else had their RV inspected and where do you get this done? Can the same people that inspect my vehicle do the inspection? If you have any information, I would be happy to hear from you. This in the state of Texas.
  21. On the Road, You can't see the lot very well with Google Earth due to all of the trees. You can see my white pickup and the house behind my lots. You can faintly make out the rv canopy.
  22. The address is 465 Comanche, Quitman, Kendal is a realtor. I work for the Corps of engineers in the summer and won't be back there until fall. So I couldn't be there to show the property.
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