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Reviews please


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Looking at the following units and would request your advice and comments on each one. Plan is to spend at least 180 days per year in the unit in the southwest in winter and Wyoming in the summer with some boondocking. Our hobbies are photography, prospecting, exploring with fourwheeler, and just enjoying our retirement. Grandkids (2) will occasionally be with us. In preperation we have purchased a 2015 GMC 3500, DRW, Duramax, long bed with B&W Companion hitch and factory towing package.


The Fivers we are considering are the Mobile Suites 36, the Cameo Hitchhiker, the NuWa , and the Holiday Rambler Presidential. Looking for a good used unit. What are your thoughts please for a 36 - 37 foot four season unit. Thanks in advance.

Roger and Barbara

On the pale blue planet, retired and happy.


2011 DRV MS 36RSSB3

2015 GMC Crew Cab Duramax DRW

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NuWa makes the HitchHiker and is located in Chanute, Kansas. They stopped production a couple years ago but have started to have Excel manufacturer new HitchHikers to NuWa's specs. NuWa is now the Kansas RV Center selling new and refurbished RVs; HitchHikers plus other units such as Mobile Suites. Here's a link to their website. http://www.kansasrvcenter.com/


If you want to find out more about HitchHikers visit the active NuWa Owners Forum which is not sponsored by NuWa. http://nuwaowners.org/



Greg & Judy Bahnmiller
Class of 2007
2014 F350
2007 HitchHiker Champagne

Both sold 2/19, settled in Foley, AL after 12 years on the road


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Not sure on weights of the Mobile Suites and Presidential with a that pickup - likely okay though. All the campers you name have good reputations. I'm partial the the Hitchhiker because that's what we have. Others may have first hand experience with more than one of the brands you named, but I'm thinking you can go with any of them and let the price/floor plan be your deciding factor.

Our "Here and There" Blog


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Well....i'm a little partial to Mobile Suites. Like you, we hunted long and hard for our next fiver and after looking at DRV and their floorplans for over a year, we ordered one in September last year and moved in the first of this month. I will say this about how happy we are with ours. It has felt like home since the first day we moved in with everything being right where it should be, plenty of storage and very comfortable.

2017 Kenworth T680
2015 DRV 38RSSA Elite Suites
2016 Smart Prime

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Our previous rig was a Holiday Rambler Alumi-lite. We bought it 7 years old and used it fulltime another 7. We had zip,zero,Nada problems with that fifth wheel other than regular maintence. We did replace the refer. The cabinet build as well as fit and finish was top notch. We would have purchased a Presidential if we could have located the right floor plan. We had great tech support from Monaco even thru all their ownership changes. The towable tech guys know their stuff. Needless to say our MH is a Monaco!! I would do some research on the frames. It seems that a few years did have issues

Ron & Linda

Class of 2007
2000 Monaco Diplomat

2005 Honda Element

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"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust our sail"

"When man gave up his freedom to roam the earth, he gave up his soul for a conditioned ego that is bound by time and the fear of losing its attachments."

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In my humble opinion, you are doing it right, a used unit. Drv, Excel, Hitchiker, Newmar are all good choices. The HR Presidential had some delamination issues around 2005. Stick with a good quality unit and also find a floorplan that looks liveable to you. You really won't know if the floorplan is a good choice until you live in it. If you buy one that doesn't work out you can always buy another one. We own our 3rd rv, our 2nd Drv. We had a 2000 Avion, 2007 Drv Select Suites and now a 2012 Drv Mobile Suite. I highly recommend the Drv units, good quality, good insulation. We lived fulltime for 5 1/2 years in our Select Suite and now 3 years in our Mobile Suite, lots of storage but heavy. You should have plenty of truck.

Jan & Thomas

2012 Drv Mobile Suite 5'r

2012 Ford F350 Super Duty

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Most of the higher end 5ers are heavy. Your B & W companion is rated for 18K pounds so keep it in mind. Nice truck I have a similar rig and companion hitch for our 16.5K 5er.

Good luck with your hunt.




PS Just looked and B & W now has a companion rated 20K. So depends on which you have....

2012 Landmark, San Antonio

2013 Silverado CC, 3500HD, Duramax, DRW, 4x4

Backup, side and hitch cameras, Tireminder TPMS


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Good choice on every RV's I've had 2 hitch hicker well insulated both 32.5 feet long and have a 2011 cameo great floor plan and 38 feet long. Backing or pulling a 32.5 ft or 38 ft is no difference to me. Longer means more room that matters. Hitch hikers are warmer and cooler than most I 've been in. Others you mentioned we have considered almost bought a presidential. Now wife would like a DVR. Some can get by in smaller unit full-time but we couldn't.

I do have a 20K companion hitch.

Quality is a must, have enough truck and a big enough RV, no matter what you have every heard size matters and quality in rving. Find floor plan you want and set in it for a couple of hours and see how it feels.

Good luck happy hunting.

2012 Nuwa Champgne 38CKRD

2012 Dodge Laramie 3500

Full timing since 11/20/2012



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