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We are in the process of planning to be full time next year and plan on buying a fifth wheel and a truck. Can you please inform me what type of mileage you get on a ford, dodge or chevy diesel 350/3500 dually without towing since the truck will be our main transportation for sightseeing etc. and mileage while towing.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

John and Linda

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2013 Dodge dually, 3500 cummins diesel.


We got 18 mpg during our 6 month stay in Yellowstone this summer (many hills but only 45 mph speed limit).


Normal roads, speeds and weather we have been getting over 16 mpg, but the truck is barely broken in yet.



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DO NOT LISTEN to the salesperson. Get the trailer first, read the numbers, make them weight it, preferably with you there.


A) you need the unloaded weight.

B ) then you can determine if you can put your stuff in it - weight wise.

C) Buy a truck with the capacity to pull the trailer. The truck tow ratings are stripped truck, 1/8 tank of fuel, 150 pound driver. So, add fuel, wife, dog, hitch, normal loads, and buy a heavier truck.


It's not the going up that will get you, it's the coming down. Make sure you have an exhaust brake in there.

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Your driving habits will make a big difference in mpg. I drive a 2006 Chevy dually diesel pulling a 34' fifth wheel w/swivel trailer and Goldwing at 16k lbs. I get 11-12 mpg loaded and 20-22 empty, however I rarely exceed 60 mph and plan my lights and stops to minimize braking. Wind and terrain also make a difference. When my son drives he gets 2-3 mpg less sole based on driving habits.



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