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Kelderman Suspension


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Ken - no, but maybe. It was one of the ones I looked at with the F350 years back. I ended up with a single link air ride (out of business several years ago). I got the electric air compressor with it with a 1 gal reserve tank and automatic load valve. 10 years later and everything is still working. I did have to replace the bags, salt and beet juice that the state / county uses on the snow and ice eats the aluminum bells on the bottom up.


The rear height stays the same (and the headlights) from empty to full.

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Bill, Do you find that it rides very HARD when not under a load? I borrowed a 2002 F550 with a Keldermann read before I got the HDT and it nearly broke my neck going over 20mph speed humps at any speed. it seemed like a great solution, otherwise. A heavy pin weight will easily push the drive line angles of an F350 - fxxx enough out of line that they are going to be making the characteristic vibration when at low speeds during a heavy pull. The Keldermann should certainly help with that alignment issue but those are pretty small bags, displacement wise, so they are pretty non-elastic.

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No experience with the Kelderman suspension - we have an Auto-Flex installed in a 3500 Dodge. http://www.autoflexsuspensions.com/shop/


I liked the design - no modifications to factory suspension attachment points, clearance to spare tire, etc. The springs will bolt right back in if you wanted to.


Ride height and therefore, driveline angles, steering geometry, headlight aim, braking, are maintained empty or loaded ( i.e. truck does not "squat" whatsoever, and nose diving under braking is greatly reduced.)


Big hydraulic non gas shocks keep rear axle composure over the whoop de do's.


I have 19.5's all round because it is a 4x4 - this makes the front ride harsher empty especially. One 19.5 tire/wheel almost equals the whole front axle rating. There is not much give over "imperfections"... fluffier Rge E tires are better.


Our next mod will be the "Kenworth conversion".

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Has anyone any experience with the Kelderman 2-stage or the 4 link air ride suspension system on a F350 Crewcab dually. Looking for a better ride in the truck unloaded and especially loaded.




I have the Kelderman 4 link on my 2011 Chevrolet K3500 SRW truck, and I love it.

I pull heavy bumper hitch trailers and my 2014 DRV Elite Suites Atlanta 5th wheel trailer, ride height stays the same and handling is great.

Yes it does ride better with a load than unloaded, but rides so much better unloaded than it did with springs, several friends have driven it and wanted to convert there's till they found out the price of the conversion.

For me it was expensive, but I love dropping the suspension to hook-up a bumper pull, or to load items in the bed.

I am in the process of building a HDT at this time, but still would do the conversion again if I replaced this truck with a new one.



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Roger, You pull an Elite Suite with a SRW truck ????


I was thinking the same thing. I wounder if he has ever weighed the rig?


I think that's why he's building an HDT


Yes I do pull the Suite with my SWR one ton with 19.5 wheels, tires and yes I have had it weighed, not over the axle or frame limit per GM.

The weight restrictions were the tires and wheels the truck came with, The Kelderman suspension has a weight rating of 12,000 pounds, the 19.5 American Force wheels have a weight rating of 6,600 pounds per wheel, and the tires are rated 4,980 each, rear axle weight is 8,200 loaded as we are full timers, or as I stated homeless.

Yes I am building a HDT for safety reasons, but I use the truck daily in my asphalt business when we are at home base.

I am looking forward to the completion of the Volvo, and taking the 5er on the road.



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