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  1. Morelli

    Neck pain

    I have 6 discs out in my back/neck and spinal arthritis, finding a comfortable position in any seat is a challenge ! I am a truck driver and moved to volvo for the comfort. I found the national seats that come with it have lots a adjustments and rather backwards to what you think for getting comfortable. I was always use to leaning back to get comfortable and had the seat look like a lazy boy recliner, not in the volvo ! I found sitting at a 90 degrees to the base, all parts of the back rest touching my back and supporting me has worked well. I removed on my truck the elastic straps in the seat cushion and replaced it with metal straps has helped a ton. No more cushin sag, better support and adjust the air ride as needed when driving. I drive up to 11 hours a day and the volvo national seat has worked great once I got used to adjusting it. Soon it will be time to replace the cushins due to wearing out.
  2. BTW, when you have your truck at the TEC dealer, make sure to have your software updated ! Lots of fixes especially for all the sensors on the emissions and corrections for how the ECU deals with them. After TEC is done with your truck, stay in the area for at least 1 day and drive the truck, other issues will show up 18 to 24 hours later if the job was not done right. Speaking from lotsa experience as a trucking business with Volvo trucks.
  3. Was gonna say cleaning the 7th injector is not needed, but already done. Doing a regen is typically not enough unless you have the PTT and watch the diff pressure sensor and its charting. The error code is pointing to the SCR unit as fault. If you have the PTT, you do a DPF regen first and look at diff pressure and test the sensors, if all looks good, do the SCR regen and test its sensors. After that if the SCR is really bad, it will show up. SCR replacement is very expensive !! Make sure its tested correctly.
  4. Today was installing 4 new rear shocks and 4 new air bags in the rear. Air bags was rather easy since the truck did all the work. Shocks required each lower bolt to be cut off .... argh !
  5. Had the folks at Robert James make it, they make all my screens. Contact them at info@robertjamestrucking.com and ask them for it. Jesse is the key contact. Made this one a couple weeks ago ... 😆
  6. I had a rad screen made for my truck 😁
  7. Changed oil bypass filter, topped oil, degreased engine and tranny after fixing an oil leak so all now nice and clean all over. Checked all fluids, serviced apu. Changing oil in both axles next and making some add on accessories 😁
  8. no backup battery on d13 engine that i have found. power is directly taken from the main battery via separate wire and fuse. need to make sure that wire and connection is clean and well secured. had to disconnect mine and reset / reboot all the computers and sensors.
  9. Morelli


    after spending some time checking all fuses to factory values (had several to replace) and making sure all relays where installed per factory requirements (3 where missing), everything works great. discovered the truck has 10 speakers and 1 sub and when playing my music, she blasts !! Gained a couple extra items too 😊
  10. Morelli


    No fuses where blown, tested every single one and the radio fuses was not for the radio. The amp came unplugged and plugged it back in and still no luck so ordered a replacement amp. Meanwhile installed my GPS and Dash Cam while using Volvo B1-(1-6) wiring ports and plugged in the corresponding fuses. That is when I discovered the amp came back to life all the speakers fired up. I took the dash apart and the factory wiring has not been altered/tampered with so going to assume a mistake at the factory. Also trying to understand why some fuses where removed to being with. So far every test point I have gone through has checked out good, it looks like someone disabled some features/options by pulling fuses and relays. More to come later.
  11. Morelli


    Figured it out, there is a mistake on my volvo 2017 fuse spec sheet or wiring of the fuse center. Reminds me of my day working on mainframes where they used the same color wire for everything !! All speakers and amp up and running.
  12. Morelli


    Anyone with a volvo vnl 780 have their speaker stopped working except for the two upper bunk speakers ? My truck has a ton of speakers and they all stopped working. Checked all the fuses, controls are set correctly, amp plugged in. Rather stumped ....
  13. Ok, Figured it out. The factory stuff is based on Phillips & Temro parts and cables. The shore plug power cable goes the inverter / charger with a phillips & temro connector on the inverter. The A/C output from the inverter connects into the Phillips & Temro unit on the bottom where its either shore power in or inverter in. The inverter is the transfer switch for the whole thing. I am missing the cables from outside shore power plug to inverter and inverter to the circuit breaker phillips unit.
  14. Hi Everyone, Questions for those that have the factory zantrex inverter / charger with shore power connection, where does the AC output from the inverter tie into to power all the outlets ? I have a volvo vnl 780 (2017) and someone messed around with the factory inverter, removed it and now requires extension cords to power things up. Everything is removed and cleaned up and put back to factory but I am unable to determine where the a/c output from the zantrex inverter plugs into to power the outlets and transfer between shore power and battery. If someone has some pictures or drawings, greatly appreciated !! Many thanks !! -Roberto
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