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  1. I am fine to use a residential style small box and breakers correct? And my inverter has a lug on it that says to ground to the body and chassis. I feel like I read somewhere that this is a bad idea or is my inverter ok since it seems to be made for a.c. being wired to it.
  2. My inverter does have a built in transfer switch. I would only be using a generator to run the truck on 1 trip a year. I don't even plan to mount the generator on the truck. Just planning to throw it in the truck for that one trip. That's why I thought the easiest way was to just plug it into the 30amp rv plug I put in the side of the sleeper for the shore power inlet. The toy hauler has its own generator so no need to send any power to it.
  3. Hey guys it's been a while since I posted but I've been lurking. Had some family emergencies last year that brought working on the truck to a halt. I'm back at it now and after a talk with Henry at ET Hitch today I think I've figured out my hitch. Anybody on the fence about a hitch should give Henry a call. Super nice and knowledgeable guy. I am about to install my inverter and have a few things I'd like to run by y'all. First is I'm planning to run 4/0 from batteries to xantrex 1800hf inverter with a 250amp fuse on positive cable. Second I plan to add a 30amp plug on exterio
  4. I assumed not many people would want a 379exhd for an rv. I'm fine with the reduced turning radius I'm used to the trucks.
  5. Haven't bought the camper so don't have a pin box to compare to at the moment.
  6. I'm a welder so I have no issues with adding the frame extensions I'm just trying to keep from any major modifications in case we decide it isn't for us and I need to sell the truck to a commercial driver. These Pete's are pretty well sought after and I got a steal so I will stand to make good profit if I don't make any modifications that hender commercial use until we decide it is right for us.
  7. Thanks for the opinions and insight guys. I think I'll just bite the bullet and go with an et. Other question I have is most of the pictures I've seen have the hitch mounted in between the frame fails at the rear. Without stretching the rear frame I would have to go on top because of the shock mounts at the rear of the frame. Would this put my hitch too high? Is there a standard height for the plate on the hitch. And hall tall is the et hitch. Sorry for all the questions.
  8. Ok Thanks for the info. I had read not to use an air ride hitch and pin box together. I was just wondering if I could get away with using an air pin box and standard hitch to save money.
  9. Ok guys it's been a while since my last post but with spring here most my free time has been spent riding atv's. I haven't had time to install my inverer yet but I think I have everything I need. My next question is I have read a lot about hitches and I would like to buy an et hitch but I'm assuming the price is around 4k I can't find an actual price on the internet and haven't had time to call the guy. I was wondering what the benefits are to an et hitch vs a standard fifth wheel hitch and a air ride pin box. We are looking at two campers now. One is 37' with a gvwr of 13500 and the othe
  10. I bought a hydraulic crimper to put the ends on my golf Cart batteries so I can make the cables up myself. What's the best way to run the cables through the sleeper since it moves?
  11. Ok so I did some rough measuring and where I want to mount my inverter it's going to be approximately 12ft to the batteries. The instructions with the inverter said to use 2/0 with a run no more than 5ft. How do I figure out the wire size needed?
  12. Well I went ahead and ordered the xantrex freedom inverter. Should be here by Wednesday. Thanks for the suggestions and help so far. I'm sure once I start the install I will have plenty more questions.
  13. Thanks for the comments on the truck. It has a 550hp 3406cat and a 10spd can't remember the gears in the rear off the top of my head. Engine had a complete rebuild including a new block about 300k miles ago and the transmission and rear ends were rebuilt 200k miles ago. Not sure I will be able to make the rally(when is it) I work weekend nights wich is why the wife and I are able to travel a lot during the weekdays without using vacation days. I live in a little town between Winston Salem and Greensboro called Kernersville. I'll get some interior pics posted up as soon as I clean
  14. Have any pics of your setup? I wired my shop and did all the wiring in my rock crawler but this 12v to 120v has me worried about burning the truck to the ground.
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