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  1. Could you please elaborate how dry transformer will work in my scenario ? is the following the kind of transformer you are talking about? https://www.hodgesmarine.com/vicitr040202041-victron-isolation-transformer--2000w--115230.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwzIH7BRAbEiwAoDxxTkNezuuNYzZ5yocjQzIaCtvhFqkwLWQQGelmyWeVGPcQK_1l-v5TdhoCaCAQAvD_BwE Thx
  2. No, The coach does not come with inverter/charger, I understand when using the inverter, I just won't able to use 50 amps , even if I could with two inverters, I probably need double my battery bank (right now is 600 ah) I have two A/Cs, I guess I could just power one A/C in case I need it and just use half of the panel (the one side with most outlets), if I really feel inconvenient, I will install a new subpanel late on and move most of used outlets there. Thank you all for your help.
  3. Unfortunately there is no more budget for another $1,200 inverter/charger at the moment 🙁 Matt from Continuous Resource came up with a very smart idea: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipPhBRhgQ4MHpU_ir9XxRSpV_l5o1Pa6r4Fn_78S?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3
  4. Got Victron Inverter/Charger(Victron Energy MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 Inverter with Charger ) Just realized it only has one hot, but I have 50 amps panel on my RV! now what? the shore line & generator input goes to a transfer case, and the output of transfer case suppose to go to inverter, but the inverter only has one hot, what do I do??? Please advise. Thank you! John
  5. Thank you. Just received my batteries ::) https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipObkKxN12l7oOPNgZAtv_3LBdVXcAqHMooN1nFe?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3
  6. Hi,John, The Victron Inverter/Charge has 2,400w but peak power is 6,000w, when I select wire (I assume it is 4 gauge?) should I consider the 6,000w peak power? Right now in the battery compartment, it is ventilated, as you can see from the picture https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNW6BntUo7ozNFKNZw15e1u-B3cFs_uv-RK778y Actually I was just worry too much ventilation , lol. there are a area 6.5" x 37" area is open to outside, but reading your post, I looked at it again, after I stack up 6 batteries there , it will pretty much cover close the open area. I guess I can open some holes in the bottom of the compartment, but question is will all the fuses, breaker, MTTP charge controller has any problem with potential moisture , hot, dust get in the area? Please advise. Thanks.
  7. Great! so I will put Inverter/charge in new location, where do guys guys think is the best location I should put it? https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipNTs1F1oLlsMP08JMeh7dZ9jRNWehxyFdRDwyyN?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 1) The washer/Dryer compartment 2) Driver side compartment? Should I leave the battery at the same compartment? ( that compartment is half open for the acid batteries) https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipMf6p7RUuM60AB_cQGNhbO6LhvQb9txzjYvHhBi?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 that means I need to seal the battery compartment? how do I do that? with plywood?
  8. The problem is the solar panel I am looking at it is 39" and I only have 36" space, but if you look at https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipPnBFvTe6qWPE1BPw2wDob6N5Emki11UjVXcZ7f?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipOVaB1ygP5jslOiShBPULh9PEqF_AlQuQ9owYK3?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 I have a whole wall slide 28' long slide on the driver side (where I want to install solar panel) and the is a 4" awning protrude over the edge, Also on passenger side, there is big awning also the same that's why I am thinking it may be ok
  9. Sorry I did not get a chance reading the thread in last two days. Hi,John, Yes I am 51 years young ::) thinking if I sell my gas RV for a diesel in the future I can easily move the lithium battery out if I can's get my battery money back. Thank all of your for the help, I have not bought anything else yet (except the lithium batteries), since your guys are so helpful, I would like to get your blessing on my design (I am not 100% sure about yet). 1) I am thinking about put 4x 310w solar panel on the driver side (my only option because the layout of the roof on the passengers) and the size of the 310w panel, the panel will be over the edge of of the RV wall by 3-4", hopefully this is not going to be a big issue. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipMT-ZLQstGe9RwV9HeBK9qGM6-ToNoeb12wlvYx?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 I am think put unistrut channel first and put solar panel on top of it, get my idea from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY98-WQ0VTw&ab_channel=TravelNewTrails 2) I have three possible place to add inverter/charge , MPPT and batteries https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipNTs1F1oLlsMP08JMeh7dZ9jRNWehxyFdRDwyyN?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 Option 1) The current battery compartment is very small, I will have to stack the batteries sideways to make all the other components to fit, maybe it maybe very tight if it fits. please see https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipMf6p7RUuM60AB_cQGNhbO6LhvQb9txzjYvHhBi?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipPt66OwgqwJqfFdY2WqQmRCTzTrGVPZmqiepko8?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 Even everything fit this compartment, I see two problems here a) My hydronic jack is inside the compartment, it has a fluid container I have to add fluid to it, it will be very hard for me to add fluid to it(but since I do not need to do it very often, it may not be a big issue if I have to move the battery every 2-3 years. b) this compartment is half open to outside, (because it is using ACID battery), I may have to seal it for the inverter/charge and lithium batteries (cold weather), there is definitely no place for me to add a heater to warn the battery if I go to cold place,( maybe put a heated flex pipe somehow inside to warn it?) If I can somehow solve the above two issues and fit everything here, this will be the best, because everything is in the same SMALL place Option 2) Remove my small frig in the washer/dryer area, Move all components (Inverter/charge, MTTP, control etc) except battery to the old frig area , leave the battery the way it is https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipNlg3QN7AAirdffZGLxnVYvfCXFox9lkhPHMfky?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipM3qJGtGckp2-nsnyA6MX8aokKnIE5CizAfL6Zv?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 The problem with this is the inverter and battery is about 8'-10' away, there are going to be some energy loss, in this design I may need to consider 24v battery system? Option 3) Remove my small frig in the washer/dryer area, Move all components (Inverter/charge, MTTP, control etc.) INCLUDING battery to the old frig area , The problem I see in this design is because moved the location of the batteries, I am worry about the weight distribution of the RV, according to someone I heard, it is best to leave the battery the way it is because the manufactory has done the weight distribution test and I do not have anything over 120lbs that I can put in the current battery compartment. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipOK583BBpkKfLs2hRigut7yM-pdR61TKWDCRkMi?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 Option 4) Move all components (Inverter/charge, MTTP, control etc.) Except battery to the 3rd compartment on the driver side https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNx1xRmo46mnFyBdiqlvmfCVJVD4crG_yFMl079x0rlzYCgzYiep7AH0zWpse-Etw/photo/AF1QipP4dRxBCSqekSETCSY8gOIEVu9w7lGodz-3Y8AR?key=UE96VU1CTldHbDJiQ1Z3X01DeXpadHZXY3BNN0V3 The problem with this is the invert and battery is about 8'-12' away, there are going to be some energy loss, in this design I may need to consider 24v battery system? Also this is on driver side, where I put all my 140 lbs. solar panel, add more weight on this side could have a weight balance issue? Please advise. Thanks again.
  10. Yes, that will be my next question, how big? with 6 12v battle born connected parallel, 2400w inverter/charger. I assume meme all my existing cable (factory provided, such as level jack, slide , cable to 12v panel, alternator cable) will NOT need to be changed, they will be directly connected to the Busbar. Please correct me if I am wrong here. so the thick cable we are talking about her is between the batteries, battery to Inverter, charge controllers to busbar etc, to fuses? is 2 gauge good enough?
  11. John, I am in Southern California so we do got plenty of sunshine here, I am thinking about 4 325w panels on the rooftop, I just ordered 6 12v battle born batteries 100ah, will order charge controllers and invert/charger tomorrow. it does make sense to have two charge controllers and keep the battery at 12v in my case. It is so nice at this stage you can just change just change the design without any consequences ::) Thank you for all your help. I learned so much here, your guys are great!
  12. You just opened my eyes, yes, now I think about it, it does make sense to have two charge controller and keep the battery at 12v!!! I think this is what I am going to do. Thank you!
  13. Hi,John, Maybe I misunderstand the Victron MTTP requirements ? Here is my understand, please correct me if I am wrong (I have not bought the charge controller yet, still have to time to switch). The Inverter/Controller I am looking at is Victron Energy 50A SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Charge Controller w/ Bluetooth Nominal PV Power (12V System): 700W Nominal PV Power (24V System): 1400W My understanding is if my RV battery system is 12v, it will only put 700w to the system, if my RV battery system is 24v it will be able to put 1400w to the system. Or the 12v , 24v is refer to the voltage on the Solar panel side??? Please advise.
  14. I thought white on black is easier to your eyes :)) I didn't realize that background got carried over after the post. Just check with two other discuss forums, my post is black on white just like everyone else, only this forum is different, the admin should be able change it so the individual's background does not get carried over. Now I am using white background only for this forum.
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