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  1. We cancelled our direct TV account in March after 20 years and were told we will get a $46.42 refund. we have called 5 times since then and are promised each time we will receive our refund in 30 days. Does anybody know who I can contact at dumb(direct) TV that can help us
  2. Thanks for the info. I've used several types of "RV roof cleaner" with no results I'll try the wet and forget, Hope I can get the white back on the roof
  3. I tried search and came up empty so I'll give this a try. Anybody know how to clean mildew off the roof. I use laundry detergent, bleach, and warm water to clean it off hardiplank on home but will this damage the rubber roof. Any advice appreciated
  4. Will this is my last Post, I never said I didn't wear a mask not stay 6' from others when in public. I do so, so other people feel comfortable. What I said, was I wasn't sitting home, waiting for someone to tell me when it's ok to travel!
  5. Gee folks, I thought this forum was where we could voice an "opinion" which is what I did. I started this by saying "we all have to make our decisions" now I've been told to stay away from rockport, and I'm not qualified to have an opinion. Relax, stress has killed more people than this virus has, live life the way you want to and I'll live mine
  6. We all have to make our own decision on when to travel. I am one who refuse to let so called experts tell me how to live. DW and I spent last week in Port O Conner. Had a great time and visited with a full park of other campers. It's hay season so we're busy with first cutting after that will probably head to rockport for a couple weeks. I just checked the numbers 973 deaths in a state of 27 million. It's more dangerous driving to the camp ground. We're both in our 70s and only the Lord knows how much time we have left. So we'll live it to the fullest. Dave
  7. Will I finally gave up the battle. The only way to get channels on both TV's with out waiting 15 to 20 minutes waiting for the secondary receiver to change was buy another antenna. Appreciate the response.
  8. I understand that I can only watch channels on the secondary Wally that are on the same sat that the main is on. My problem is when I switch the main to a different channel on a different sat the secondary won't switch to that sat.
  9. I could use some Help. I purchased a Dish Bundle, Dish Playmaker Duel Antenna and 2 Wallys. After 7 calls to Dish and two calls to Weingard, I still have the problem and no solution. The wally on the main port of the Antenna works great on all three satellites, switches from one to the other quickly. Problem is on the secondary wally when I have the main on 129 the secondary won't change. Secondary Wally switches between 110 and 119 just like the main, but when I switch to Sat129 on the main the secondary won't switch. When I talk to Dish and spend 20 min. run this test and that It suddenly comes on and I can switch back and forth and it works great till I hang up and the next time I try it, it fails. Has anyone had this problem or can anyone give me a name and number with Dish that can get this problem fixed for good
  10. I have decided after being with Direct TV since 2000 to switch to Dish. I need to know if I can just buy the wally and use with my old dish or buy a new one. I know how to switch the carryout over to Dish. but since my carryout uses external 12v power will it work with the wally?
  11. I had the same problem on a keystone outback. Specs from Lippert was minimum 7" when hooked up. I towed it about 12000 miles over 4 yrs had know problem. Did drag a couple times but no damage
  12. Thanks Ray, I've had extended service contracts before but never with wholesale warranties. Their price was lower than what I had paid before and when this happens it makes you wonder is this real?
  13. Does anyone have experience with a Company called wholesale warranties they are backed by Lyndon Southern Ins. Co. They seem to have a good policy.
  14. SOD

    Open Range 3X

    Has Highland Ridge quit making the 3X? It's been dropped from their web site
  15. Since I already have the lifetime pass is it still good Dave
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