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  1. RowHDY

    Nine seat in HDT

    Good question I am not even sure on that - was not sure how much of an issue this would be
  2. Hi can you contact me on 323-333-1313 as I am interested to find out more
  3. Hi can you confirm the cab size and share some pictures of the inside thank you
  4. RowHDY

    Nine seat in HDT

    Hi Everyone I know the title topic is crazy but here is my scenario. My crew is me, my wife, 6 kids under 11 and a nanny so a total of 9. I am trying to find an HDT to buy that has a large enough cab inside. I plan to keep the top bunk bed and remove everything else behind the driver and passenger seat. I can then add a row against the back wall with 4 seats and a middle row with 3 seats. From my research so far the largest internal standard sleeper appears to be the Freightliner Cascadia sleeper which has the double bunk and is 72” Can anyone recommend another option
  5. Hi I am looking for a shop who can help me customize a HDT Freightliner Cascadia (2015 or 2016) Looking for them to make the bed, install the air ride hitch for a 5th wheel and do the plug changes for brakes and lights any suggestions ?? Thank you
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