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  1. Probably me. Left there May 7, after 2 weeks. 2003 Volvo VNL 610, Smart and New Horizons Fifthwheel.
  2. I have a 2003 vnl with an Eaton 10 auto. Never had to push in clutch. Like Chad said, I start most of the time in the am from standing in the boards outside.
  3. Chuck

    I bought a truck

    Is that the truck that was at the KOA in Toomsuba Tennessee?
  4. Congratulations. Saw your truck at your KOA a few weeks ago. We had the 610. I am sure it will do a fine job for the next owner. By the way, you have a great RV Park.
  5. Campground nome. If he would just stay in one spot and shut up.
  6. Can only to speak to similar symptoms regarding the Autoshift in my 2003 vnl. Lock up in gear. Reset and go down the road a ways. Lock up again. Least expensive was the wiring harness replacement. No change. Changed the xy shifter, problem solved. Good luck.
  7. here is what was done with my hitch. Bottom completely boxed in. I am sure there will be plenty of comments on this. Given the pics of the damaged hitch, this is what the welder recommended.
  8. I started this thread back in Sept. I am having my reworked hitch reinstalled next week. I will post pics of the results. I hope the thread does not go off the rails, but probably will. Lol
  9. Below is the original email put out to all rally attendees. I was at the rally, I saw the damage. It is what it is. The pictures speak for themselves. Why this thread has gone off the rails I have no idea. But I’m pretty much done with it. Out of courtesy, when I get my hitch reinforced, I will post pictures of it. The fact is this should not have happened. I spent some years in the submarine service.Would welds or lack of be accepted there. Hell no. Heads should roll. It should be the case here. Inspection of components, is always a good idea. But my hitch, as well as the one that failed, were a year and a half old. These were not old hitches. These were post comfort ride sale to roadmaster. All pics, and one video, have been posted previously to review. —————————————————————— Let's do GOOD NEWS first! Frank met Rick Olsen, designer and original manufacturer of Comfort Ride Hitch, last Friday. Rick not only replaced the failed component but also diagnosed the problem! Frank is doing very well. We removed the tailgate today - what a mess! Frank will be leaving tomorrow and heading to Camp New Horizons. However, both Frank and I would like to thank Linda and Terry Cunningham from the depths of our hearts for their help! So, now the rest. If you have a Comfort Ride Hitch, here is what you want to know! Rick diagnosed the hitch failure. Rick said it was a "bad weld". It was a failure of a weld on the base of the hitch. You can check this! Get a friend (give him/her a beer or wine!), take the web restraint off the hitch, and lift it on its hinge. Now, look at both sides of the weld that attaches the plates to the "pipe". See picture that Frank provided. If you notice cracks in the weld (Rick's diagnosis) or anything "out of the ordinary", get it checked! Also, Frank has provided a link to the video when his hitch failed. Be sure to have the sound on!
  10. What kind of a BS company is Comfort Ride/Roadmaster. Call this a.m. to order new sleeves and a grade 8 bolt for my 308 hitch. I get to customer service, do you have the part number? No I don’t. Well let me put you over the technical. I get the technical, do you have the part number? No I don’t. We need to go out to our website and go through this process a blah blah blah blah blah to get the part numbers and call us back. What a crock of shit. Sorry for the foul language but this is not customer service. Stay away from these people. And, their products.
  11. Wow, if you want answers to your questions, just go to the original posting by me. This is about putting out information on the hitch issue and what was determined by Rick the original owner of comfort ride. The information deserves to be out there so hitch owners can take precaution. Nothing more. Lighten up.!
  12. I raised my hitch up and also noted the incomplete weld issue. It is about 1/8” on the bottom. Hence my little insurance policy of adding the cables. See pic above. I should be ok until I get to AZ. Also noted play at the pin, like the sleeve is wearing excessively.
  13. Once I get my comfort ride reinforced I will post pics. Could be a couple of months.
  14. Here is a pic of the latest incident
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