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  1. Chuck


    At a fuel island several months ago, had a couple of truckers come up and say they have never seen a set up like this. Took pics. Huh? Truckers!!’
  2. Chuck


    Ok, sports fans. In our full time travel, other than rally’s , we have seen very few HDT’s on the road. And, only a couple in RV parks. I always get, “I’ve never seen a set up like that.” I tow with a Volvo, haul a Smart, tow a fifth wheel. What is everyone’s best guess as to how many Hdt’s there are in the country actively towing. This is not a number of beans in a jar, as there is no clear answer or a prize. Lol
  3. Chuck

    Highway 50 Colorado

    Got baptized the other day on 139 from Rangley going south. Drove many times on Highway 4 and 108 in Cali In the Sierras when I lived there. Any one who has driven these knows what I mean. They are seasonal pssses. in pick up and car. 139 was similar, 15 mph switch backs and grades. The Volvo performed flawlessly. Put the tranny in manual and work it and the engine brake. Thanks for the info on 50.
  4. Chuck

    Highway 50 Colorado

    Any thoughts on Highway 50 from Delta to Colorado Springs area. Volvo and 39 ft fiver. Trucker path puts me on 70, much longer.
  5. Chuck

    Air Bags

    2003 VNL 610 Looking for the most likely culprit for intermittent air down of rear air bags. While stuck for awhile, I make a practice of starting the rig about once per week. Sometimes they go down overnight. It has now been 3 days and they are still up. Would there be a most likely cause here. The bags are new, with new fittings. I never hear any leaking.
  6. Here in Southern AZ, we are dealing with winds and the accompanying allergies. What used to be just seasonal sniffles, sneezes and itchy eyes becomes a concern over this virus. We are all hyper vigilant at this time, which is a good thing.
  7. We are in Tombstone. We have extended our stay through the end of May. Then hopefully on to the WCR. If need be we could stay longer. This park was also closed a couple of day’s ago to anyone new. We feel very blessed to be where we are. Pretty isolated here. We associate 6 feet apart with couples on each side of us. We are all in the same boat. I told them today that we have to agree to stop all conversation and stories if already told. Lol. Be safe everyone. Chuck and Cheryl Beaty.
  8. Chuck

    Becoming Hermits

    Kirk, I am 68. Served on the Nathan Hale and Woodrow Wilson, early to mid 70’s.
  9. Chuck

    Becoming Hermits

    I am old sub sailor. Isolation. This is a piece of cake. Lol
  10. Friends here in Tombstone are Canadian. Cutting their stay a month early to get back. I don’t get it. It does not make sense to have all the Canadians from the southwest, Yuma, Palm Desert, Florida etc etc to descend on the Canadian border virtually all at one. There is probably no safer place to be than the desert. Makes no sense, But, then again Socialized medicine makes no sense to me either. Travel safe all. Chuck and Cheryl Beaty
  11. Jim, I would bet you could have relays and /or sensors involved. Don't know anything specific to western star, just going by my old days of working on various AC systems
  12. Chuck


    Pulling out of Americas Way, Box Elder this am. Hdt, smart and fifth wheel (could not tell make) heading east on I90. We were also heading east. Anyone I know. Chuck and Cheryl Beaty
  13. Chuck

    Kodiak Brakes

    2003 Volvo vnl 610
  14. Chuck

    Kodiak Brakes

    Btw, I have been going through some brake issues with my new horizons. Very excessive wear. Less than 1500 miles on a new caliper--trashed. Not related to caliper loosening. They are Dexter calipers and no info regarding use of loctite. What say all.
  15. Chuck

    Bedroom tv puzzling

    2010 New Horizon 1. no coaxial cable stub in Bedroom only Sat and Antenna. 2 Front cabinet- I have bypassed the Winegard switch box and used a splitter for Main cable in. Attached Main TV (works fine) Attach cable marked Bedroom TV. No signal TV. Attaching to SAT coaxial stub, as there is no cable stub. Am I missing something here.
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