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  1. HiAnyone have any advice on what could be wrong & more importantly how to fix the interior strip lights in a Carado Banff?Blue light comes on on the control panel but no light from the strip itself.One day they were working, next morning they're not.Dimmer is not on low.Fuse is good.Push on under cabinet lights work fine.Any help appreciated, thanks
  2. Thanks. As you say it's not like i'm really expecting to have use it. I think you're right though & unless i plan to go to some desolate place i'll not worry about it for now. Especially as you say it will age out, probably extra fast in the SoCal sunshine. Looking forward to some nice shady forest hiking.
  3. I'm aware it would be quite heavy. It would be an emergency only measure for if & when i end up in the middle of no where with no roadside assistance available, within a reasonable time frame. I wouldn't be expecting to be weight lifting with it every other day! I've been driving for 30 + years & so far only had to change my own tire twice. My thinking is that a roof rack will give a better option for carrying more than just a tire if necessary,.Where as a dedicated back door/hitch tire carrier is just that. One tire, something that has to be moved every time i open the door
  4. Ah i see thank you. Yes i was thinking front 1/2 as the AC is in the back. The tire would compensate a little for me as the driver. I have time to figure stuff out, i'm in no great hurry to add stuff. I will have to prioritize the extras that i want so as not to bankrupt myself all in one go! I'll admit i'm just getting excited about playing with my new toy! Lol. I was thinking about solar in future & like the idea of the portable suitcase type so that i could still park in shade. I know that it doesn't give off much charge but I've the under hood generator to. I've roads
  5. Errm don't mean to sound funny but the roof rack would go on the roof lol. I'd put a spare tire up there rather than fitting a carrier to the back. That way i'd have the option of a little extra storage should i want it further down the line. I haven't weighed it as i'll only be doing short trips for the foreseeable future so won't be carrying much but will be sure to disperse it evenly. Eventually when i take off for extended trips i'll get round to worrying about weight. FL-JOE - A lot of kids in SoCal are heading back to school this week to so i'm hoping to find a spot. If not i'll ha
  6. Thanks, I'm thinking of trying Big Bear. It's only a couple of hours away from me. Hopefully i'll miss worst of the holiday crowds as first night i'll be needing will be the 1st. With any luck most will have set off for home by then! While i have you here.... Have any of you fitted a roof rack/basket? My van is a 159"WB Promaster. After looking online i'll be postponing that for a while as they're $3000+, unless you know a cheaper option? I'd like to carry a spare tire but don't want to block up back doors.
  7. Bought my Class B, happy days, hopefully Now to find somewhere not fully booked for a couple of days at the end of this month. I think it may be wise to use a hook up site until 'Mo' & i are better acquainted.
  8. I think outdoorsy has breakdown coverage ect included, but as you say it would be time consuming. A cheaper option to consider would be to rent a mini van & buy a v large cheapish tent or two lol! And basic camping supplies, sleeping bags, propane stove. If you are planning on camping in parks you will have access to toilets, showers, bbq's, fire rings (depending on fire status). Also a car will get you places an RV can't..... You can always throw in a couple of nights in a hotel if camping gets too irritating. When you're finished put an ad selling it on Craigslist if you've time or put
  9. It had, check engine light on, brake stability light on, spongy patch approx 8" wide on the floor, water leak inside the RV, guy had ripped the generator out himself & patched where it had been. Tried very hard to convince inspector not to look underneath. Had no recent service or repair records because apparently "oh that's ok, it was all done recently, i don't have the receipts because i did it myself". Talking about all maintenance, brakes, tires ect. Seriously why would he not mention all these things when we talked on the phone. I understand he wants to make a sale but did he se
  10. So this turned out to be a total bust. Major disappointment. Seller totally neglected to mention many many issues with the RV, not least of all the check engine light! Guess i'll keep looking.
  11. Well Al F. Turns out you were right on with the caution advice. On inspection this rig was nothing like he described. Engine lights on, spongy patch on the floor, water leak & quite a few other things . Waste of a few hundred $ but better than a many thousands! Seriously why aren't people honest in their descriptions? I mean did he really think that after checking it out i'd just say oh well never mind all the obvious issues i'm here now so may as well take it. I work way to hard for it to be throwing my money away! Major disappointment, guess i'll keep looking.
  12. Thanks this is a good layman term explanation. I figure half the fun is figuring it all out. I'll be experimenting a lot with it before i try any proper trips. I currently live in a static 5th wheel that is permanently hooked up so i've learned the lesson & got in the habit of one thing at a time on things like kettle, microwave, hairdryer, toaster, AC. So i'm not going into it totally blind. I tend to learn better by doing than reading about it. I'm hoping all the helpful advice given here will make my learning curve a little less steep 😁 I've done a bit of camping, so until i've go
  13. Don't worry i'm going to have a 'Pro' check it out before handing over the money Thanks
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