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  1. We had Trailmanor 2619 that we bought new in 2000. We previously owned a Rockwood pop up. We loved our pop up but the Trailmanor was AWESOME. Recirculating toilet was no big deal, and the size was perfect for 2 Adults 2 teens and a 80 pound boxer. These things last are designed to require very little maintenance. We sold ours in 2008 and went to a class A, but it was as good as new. Look around, I talked to a family last month that had just bought a used 2619 for 5000.00. I think they said it was a 2006 and it looked just like ours. Hope you have a blast in whatever you end up with. Jeff
  2. Sent you a message. Would like to buy this, need to know how to proceed. Thanks Jeff
  3. These work great and are very easy to install. I tow an unusual toad and Remco made a disconnect for my vehicle in a couple of weeks. I was able to install it in a couple of hours using hand tools. We have been using it for 6 years with no problems and only an occasional cleaning and lube. Hope this helps Jeff
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