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  1. Just what Nigel says plus if I remember right you will need to get it safetied as a motor home then go to service Ontario with affidavit and inspection certificate and get your new plates. what part of Ontario are you from?
  2. No neeed to sample fuel will be dark on our old Volvo if the fuel supply pump seal goes it will (did) suck engine oil in and slowly add oil to fuel. pretty easy replacement
  3. I had doors stripped of every thing but glass and tracks when painting wasn't tough to get that far, take panel off and head in isn't to difficult once all trim is removed track should unbolt and glass wiggle out,
  4. I ussually weld a washer to bolt then weld a nut to washer, you get a better weld that way, then quench nut and washer to shrink bolt and turn out
  5. Try fleettruckparts.com they have after market new parts, I got some parts last year there not perfect but pretty good for the price
  6. Bob A

    Engine brake

    Engine brake should still work with brake applied but clutch pedal has to be up rpm above 1100+- engine temp up to operating temp
  7. Don't stop at scales RV's are exempt no matter what the weight
  8. Sitting in Ozark Alabama enjoying the warm weather, admiring my new paint on truck
  9. Thanks can't wait to get out of this rain hail wind and chance of snow,
  10. On the 98's u have to apply the foot brake before moving or cruise won't engage
  11. On the 98's u have to apply the foot brake before moving or cruise won't engage
  12. If oil is on outside its more likely the gasket on cap or fill plug,
  13. I built one 5 years ago and am still using it, i can send u pics , Email: bobackert@gmail.com
  14. I pulled my air for hayes brake controller off of trailer circuit so I could use spike to control trailer brakes
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