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  1. Verizon and ATT here. Every time I talk with my buddy (on his Sprint at home) he drops out several times in 15-20 minutes. 3 times tonight. He has Sprint phones and a Sprint data device located near I-75 between Detroit and Flint
  2. Ditto Bill' advice above. Directional yagi antenna on a painters pole (I use an extendable 8' (16' total) pointing at park wifi antenna). That adds signal strength and gets me above the other vehicles / trailers. Anything you can do to capture the signal with the least obstructions (line of sight) will help.
  3. LOL @ Toes - I saw the weather / roads north of here - gnats are fine in comparison to thawing out the tanks
  4. Thanx pack - same.this year - left, gone a week - so are they - back a week and so are the bugs. The cycle continues
  5. Jack is primarily a relay based stop / turn signal combiner. All the electrical fusing / protecting should already exist in the original circuits or by what you add (battery power, etc) with a fuse / cb. Make sure that you use a relay of some sort (or the one in the Jack) for that occasional stop so the trailer doesn't pull down the truck batteries. The control portion needs to be tied into the key on or preferable engine on power line.
  6. I don't have the same equipment - GO2 with Samsung S8+ - J5 - Note 9? - Note 6 and other older S something phone Go to the wifi settings on the phone - find the Elite name, with the WIFI on and discoverable - select it and put in your password. Note 5 may be to old to do this though. Opps sorry, you wanted to go the other way - My older Droid would not do this and I moved to the S8 because it wouldn't - software and speed were too slow.
  7. Bill B

    Alternator wiring-HELP!

    Remember to throw a fuse in line close to the batteries. I added a sense wire to mine and it brought the voltage from 13.5 to 13.9 I run the truck inverter all the time while driving and charge the trailer, deep freeze, and beer cooler off the truck
  8. Off to HD and get some parts to try your suggestion Dutch. Never Mind - just thought of a way to try it with a couple of 45's to get the elevation I need to make a hose trap. Sewer is at ground level and I need some elevation to make the trap. Oh the fun, playing with sewer hose in the rain. LOL 2 Tanks, 2 roof vents, 2 different locations and I can see the below decks vent pipes going up into the walls. OK Dutch - U trap made with a 3" standing water on both sides. (we park within 2' of the sewer connection) Changed the 3' length hose for a 5' turned the 90 to right angles and 'pointed a 45 up
  9. That's just great Dave - I had sort of had to force the wife to retire also. She was recovering from surgery 5 years ago and when she could go back to work, I reminded her of how her "work" treated her after a prior surgery. Then, I told her she could stay in the northern cold climate, but I was heading south and she was welcome to join me if she chose. She did and is happy about it.
  10. OK - Black tank is closed except for dumping. I thought that would stop them. Nothing in any of the "trapped" drains and with the flood of black (bi-weekly) water / waste the outflow line is full for 3-5 minutes. (Clear 90 on the dump line) so that was one thought I had also. Thanx for the speedy reply.
  11. We have gnats (or bity flying bugs) in our black tank.I need ideas. We keep the black tank closed except for dumping. Gray tank open most of the time (99%). We: rinse / swirl every dump, I've done the - down the tank swirl cleaner sprayer, added clorox to the cleaning induction mixer , tried chems, filled the tank with clorox water and let stand, 1/2 filled the tank with clorox and gone for a drive, sprayed barn strength flying insect pyrethrins into the toilet. Now the good side. This only happens at one spot - southern Texas. RGV. We leave here and in a week they are gone. Did not have a continual invasion in Arkansas, Memphis, Michigan, Kansas, Fredericksburg, TX, until 1 month after getting to the RGV. Any ideas folks? I'm out of ideas.
  12. I also have the Anova unit. I got the one with BT and WiFi. As Doc said above, the touch panel does it all. However, if we run somewhere, the Phone app allows remote monitoring or control.without being there. Store, show, shopping. So, it hot outside, your running the A/C, you can set the hot unit outside, cook your food, and not have to cool the rig at the same time (via BT) I usually put a towel around / over it to keep out dust etc, and cut down on wind drafts.
  13. Sounds good Joel - One thing that I have to bring to everyone's attention is that make sure your internet "path" is all run on 12 volts. The device itself is battery operated so that is covered. I know that your a WIFIRanger Ambassador and they ship or have an available 12v power cord. (so the LAN and wifi is battery powered). Make sure that whatever WIFI device you use is 12 volt powered. Next is the MIFI access point that you use is also 12 volt powered. I know that most of them have batteries - BUT my Verizon unit turned off internet on the loss of 120 volt power. With something like this, think of the total power / disaster path. We were in a park in Indiana, and a pole mounted transformer over heated (AC loads) and caught fire (oil filled and fire from the skies), knocking out power to a section of the park (no injuries or trailers hurt during this, that we knew of). AC power down (MIFI, routers etc didn't exist then). I am tied into the power grid and receive alerts at 2 of our places, and the text power losses all the time.
  14. Well - we are talking about Verizon https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/verizon-firefighter-data-service/ Maybe this is in response to the backlash to Verizon doing this to the Fire Fighters out in Cali. Seems they got caught again doing bad
  15. Thanx Doc - I knew they wrote their own, but......to what extent and how much code was used from the original? I'll pass it along to a few folks I know. LOL - skipped the L in your name or changed it (I know, just a typo)
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